Wednesday, February 27, 2008


i am back :) ha how is the holiday ???? waayed waayed amaizing , walah it was a relife .

so today at work i meet a blogerette she was soooooooooooooooooooo cute , tyinin :)

i went to mena 3abdalah at the holiday , walah it was fun but i am not that kind of person , i don`t like beach houses , i don`t like farms but i have to go cuz my hubby wanted that and thanks God he had fun , 7abeebe he my little boy , love him

i am thinking of something and i am so worried , i am afraid that i am not going to get pregnant , i did a some tests and i am waiting the results enshalah on sunday , waayed a7ate , although my husband is not thinking about it and keeps telling me that it`s alright bas ana chthee aswee aflaaam , am telling him don`t get married again again , chan ygool : tra ana dafe3 floos malee khlig m9aref ba3ad :P

alaah kareem enshalah


Lala* said...

ya7lailah J 7addah romansy! ;-p

6mneena 3l nateeja***

Big Pearls said...

I am glad you had fun:) Regarding pregnancy, don't worry..I was like you..I did all the tests before I even started trying, il7amdillah nothing is wrong and I am still waiting for the right time to start trying..allah yarzegna thoraya 9al7a ana weyach inshalla:)

Organic Kuwait said...

trust me, dont worry about it,, worrying is the worst thing u can do right now :) be happy :) u deserve it :) dont u???

Anonymous said...

hey dont be worried! just make du'a du'a du'a and keep strong your faith in Allah! i have friends it took them YEARS to conceieve! just because u rnt pregnant after 1 or 2 or 3 or 4 yrs doesnt mean jack! dont listen to any rubbish ppl tell u. i hope ur test results come out fine and in the meantime try not to stress too much coz stressing doesnt make babies! just take care and trust in Allah. you cant mess with qadr! good luck

Yara said...

hehehe 7elwa 7elwa mn raylich :P Laa sweety dont worry ana nafs eshay g3adt 7 eshhoor a7aati eni ma 7malt o kheft... bas dont think about it wayd ... it will happen :)

Lala* said...


hathy mo awal marra my comment gets lost!


Shaima'a Alkandari said...

welcome back

allah kreem

Anonymous said...

welcome back
la t7ateen kel shy by9er in it's right time.. etha enty ma7nety 3lmw'6o3 wayd oo 7atety ra7 y9er inshalah in no time

Anonymous said...

loool raylech damah 5afeef :P dont be worried elli allah katbah ra7 y9eer oo taw elnas 3al yahal 3adi ne6ray :) kel ta25eerah feeha 5eerah ;p

NewQ8 Bride said...

lala: looooool yah waayed :P enshlsha dear :) o your comments are here :)

big pearls : 7beebte enshalah alaah yrazgne on the right time :)

organic Kuwait : thanks dear for your support :) enshalah i will not think about it :) and i will have fun ;)

anonymous: thanks thanks thanks alot for your advice i will take it

yara : allah kareem enshalah :) i will waite

shaimaà alkandry : thanks dear

free moi :7abeebte :) enshalah i will not think about it o kil shay 3laa alaah

zi-one : loool wayed damaah khafeef :P elaa ba6 chabdee alaah kareem enshalah :)

thanks all for your comments :) your support is so impoertant to me

Glitter said...

تفاءلوا بالخير تجدوه

Sara said...

7bbeeebty new bride welcome baack :> wala kel el ejaza g'9ait'haa bain sheqety o betna bss :>

elmohem entay lat7teeen 9adgeeny kel shay b wagtaa 7elo :> mort o5oooy en6arat 7 years wal7een 3ndaha wladain mashalaaa :> o enshalaaa natayjech kelaahaa saleeema lat7ateen tara lem7ataaat matfeeed :>

o taraaa la7gaaa 3al nesaaaaaaaaaaat :D Dont worry sis o 6amneeena :>

FourMe said...

inshala alah yrzgich eb darzan yahaal :P
la seriously inshala alah yrzgich bil thoreya e9al7a ya rab w tshofeen e3yal 3yalhom inshala

Anonymous said...

ma 3alich ela el 3afya .. dont over think about the pregnancy ..

when ever ur bosy is ready .. then it's here !

w la etro7een el movie ! Its soooo damin very much scarry !!

eshda3wa said...

intay ba3ad allah yhadeech dont make a big deal oo ohwa lail7en ma bayan shay!
inshallah kel shay ykoon fine oo ull fet pregnant ya rab

OutOfReach said...

glad you had a great holiday

darling dont worry too much,, inshallah elli allah katba y9eer , let us know about the tests inshallah everything is ok :)
o0 b3deen estanso al7een kids are a very big responsibility ,, enjoy your time al7een la7ga 3la el 7ana o el rana :P ma3nha 7na 7ilwa 3la el galb but for me i prefer you wait for awhile then have your kids:)