Thursday, January 24, 2008

see U

i am leaving tonight enshalah , i will be away for 10 days , i will miss u 9ij 9ij waaaayed , i know i can take my laptob with me but i want to take a break and also

عشان اعرف غلاتي !!!!!!!!!!!!

i will miss u all

ma tamroonee 3ala shaaay?

akeeed akeed i will check my blog :P

ma agdar ahdkom :)

yalaah ma3aa alsalamaa


Anonymous said...

hey Have fun and you will be missed :)

Lala* said...

you will be missed akeed!

Have fun***

Jewaira said...

Have a wonderful holiday...and be safe

Anonymous said...

tro7een wtrdeen blslaamh

we will miss u

have fun

oo '3latch kbera bs mo tnsemha ;p

Ansam said...

no no dont check ur blog
go have fun
have a vacation
Enjoy your free time and relax
we will miss you

bissalama inshalla

Anonymous said...

tro7in wetredeen bel salamah ;)

Anonymous said...

etro7een w etredeen bel salama

5roofa said...

وااااااااااااااي راح نشتاقلج
لوول شفينا مناوبه انا ارد انتي تروحييين

طمنينا عليج سويتييي

و استانسي امبي كثر ما تقدرين

HAve OM el FUN lool

T.C dear..

salamz love.....

This Lady said...

Bil salama inshallah. Enjooooooy it as much as u can. U deserve it sweety :)

FourMe said...

tro7een w trideen bsalama inshalla, enjoy your time there :)

5roofa said...

heeeey uv beeeeeeeen wayed missed

salamz sweetee...

Lala* said...

when are you coming back?

Shoush said...

Salaaamtich! Hav loads of fun!

Anonymous said...

zbopupgri cant wait to see how much u missed ur hubby :)

Big Pearls said...

tro7een o itrden bil salama :)