Saturday, January 05, 2008

me, my life and the new obsession

i would like to thank everybody who spend sometime reading my blog and comment about my post

thanks all and happy new year to all of U :)

the Pictures from my previous post was taken by my husband using his new Camera , it `s his birthday gift in advanced , i hate giving Bday present before the birthday but i don`t know it`s just happened like that

i went to great " Yallwa Party " mashalah it was so fun o wanasa , in general i hate Yalwa but this time it was really fun o 7abeet my look ;)

waayed astanes lama aroo7 party o ashoof kil elbnaat 7a6een simple make up :) , i don`t mean that i am an expert :P i love simple make up walah , o i hate iy lama ashof el clowns make up walah

what is this new obsession about the Cadillac handbag ??? the beige one that everybody is talking about and it`s out of stock when i looked for iy on the net , any one i ordered the black one , i don`t know why i am doing that i buy stuff chthee bas walah

walah i saw the beige and it was 7lwaa , with a reasonable price but it will be in bas for a while i know that heheh kuwait deerat el habaa i know after sometime we will find that bags b soog el salmeya b 5 K.D :P

this is the bag i couldn`t found the beige


Anonymous said...

I like the shape of the bag, not sure of wanting to wear it with that logo :/

OutOfReach said...

hmmm its kinda nice :)
bs your right kuwait deerat el habba o0 dont worry about finding one eb 5 kd ybyen ya rabi :P o0 el original akeed a7la :)

Anonymous said...

Awal mara asma3 feha walla.. looks nice

Selezya said...

I like it :p
black look good

NewQ8 Bride said...

chikapappi : hmmm ya me 2 7abeet el shape but as i said it`s habba

hehe ya walah ma teswa it`s only 13 kd so 3ade tenlbes cham labsa

yara :

walah me 2 bas wayed nas have been talking about it


yah gelt black ma atwahag feeha

الخيلاء said...

it`s the first time i hear about this bag... 3alech bl 3afya :)

Anonymous said...

3laich bel 3afya :)

Vanilla ~ said...

Black is better always ;)Mabrook

Anonymous said...

Weeee 3ad a few days ago I was asking a friend what is the new habba in Kuwait since I visit 1 or 2 times in the year lol..

o 3ad ams shift bil Avenues those girls with the Star Trek Eyebrows you posted about a few weeks back and i remembered you! lool

Ansam said...

Is it really the new IT bag? I didnt see girls strolling around with these yet! Nor anyone I know had'em!

I got three traveling bags from Lexus as a gift when I bought my car... but I wont buy bags like these! Weird!!!

NewQ8 Bride said...

alaah ya3feech dear :) me 2 ma sem3t about it till these days

zi-one: alaah y3afeech

shayooma : loooool 3ad ma thekartene elaa feehom hehehe
i guess this habba will not last more than one monthe ;)

vaniila: alaha yabrek feesh thanks

ansam : yeh wa7da asked me about it o ba3deen i went to more than one estgbal o shft akthaar mn wa7da 3ndha any way as i said it is habba

Shoush said...

I love yalwas! :) And i've never seen or heard of this bag before. Interesting.. I wonder how the beige one looks. It reminds me of another bag, am not quiet sure which.