Monday, January 07, 2008

love U MOnday

back again to my Monday rituals :)

Ugly Betty & Desperate Housewives back again on Showtime

so please don`t invite me on Mondays :P i don`t leave house and i do my laundry , the laundry is for giving my mom an excuse to not going out cuz she `s thinking watching series is a silly excuse ;)


vancouver said...

اي والله مااااااابقوا يرجعون

نطرناهم نطره

عاد يقولون هالسيزن غير شكل في ديسبرت هاوس وايفز
بيموتون 3 بهالسيزن


Lala* said...


chennich ana!

I'm a Tv-aholic :-(

khosh 7alqa elyoum Desparate Housewives!

Laa, o bacher Grey's b3d @ 8pm, 3ad hatha for me is the BEST mosalsal ever***

Anonymous said...

Wanaasaaa:) ana it used to be Tuesday.. al7in magdar asawi shay 3ndi Finals babchi :(

Oranjina fadidra said...

oh baby!

OutOfReach said...

good for you wallah i love staying at home doing nothing ,watching series, dvds wallah it can be fun and relaxing i also like to watch music videos :P
i'll have my monday too wallah its nice to choose a day for relaxing and staying home not doing anything and not going anywhere :P

NewQ8 Bride said...

vancouver : eee walah 7adee knt na6raa :) o ana astanes ashoof bl tv ma a7eb ashtreehom 3ashan chthee i love waitings :)

lala : ya it`s fun to set a day 7ag only one thing :) waay ugly betty elee bachtnee 7ada

yara : good luck dear wish u all the best

Oranjina fadidra : ya baby ;P

outofreach : ee walah tra u have to give it a try ana even my friends noticed that ma y6l3oon on monday 3ashanee

lama khala9 el last season i was lost :) and trust me it`s so relaxing

Ansam said...

I already saw DHW... all of it till before the writers strikes. So its reruns for me heheheh 7arraa!! Agoolokom sheseer wa7rega 3alaikom? I dont like Ugly Betty!
Do you watch Grey's Anatomy? and other shows? I cant wait for 24 new season! ABBAIH WE ARE ALL ADDICTS! ITS SCARY!

5roofa said...

loool ana lel7en fe season 1 fe desp.

afashel 7adii

5al a5ale9 o al7ag 3alej lol

salzamz sweetee...

Anonymous said...

I just found your blog through another site.

I don´t know if you can see my ip no but I live in Sweden and I think it´s interesting to read blogs written outside of Sweden, I´m of iranian origin, so I was happy to find yours!

I just had a glimpse at your blog and saw the pic of your bathroom. Very nice indeed!

Silver said...

I love Ugly Betty o D Housewives!! and nice blog btw;)

Selezya said...

ديييييييييسبرت هاوس وايفز متى يطلع؟؟

واي هالمسلسل يبط جبدي كثر ما اعشقه كل شوي يموتون واحد
الله يستر
بس قوليلي أي سيسون؟
والساعة جم :)
شكله بنقعد كلنا الاثنين :)