Saturday, January 19, 2008

fasting , ice cream and a kid

i am fasting , o 7adee yooo3ana

yalaah the countdown started , enshalah next yhursday i will travel to Malasiya , yeh i will miss J alot adree starting from now :( but at the same time he is going to a Race an bahrain , ya3nee met3adleen :)

yesterday i had my f6oor at the avneues , with mom and sis , it was really fun to have girl`s day out , we had some tastey ice cream at Morelli's Gelato wooooow it is a luxury ice cream , try the yogurt mo 6abee3ee , there was a kid (he is not kuwaiti ) mn jensya 3arbeya asking his dad to buy him some ice cream , his dad responed : No u never eat your ice cream , so the kid didn`t say any thing and walked away !!i was thinking , if this kid was a kuwaiti kid what will he do ?? he will cry and shout and do the most embarrassing behavior just to get what he want .

the kid kesar kha6re and my mom was going to buy him ice cream but we told her mom malch shgel :P la taksreen kelmat oboooh


Yara said...

hehe ee wallah 9aja lo kuwaiti chan 3ifas el denya :) Yalla 9eyam maqbool enshallah..

keep in touch wenty hnak :(

Chicken Soup said...

taqabal Allah 6a3tich ;* ana 9ayma today too oo 7addi yoo3ana hehehe
ams ri7t oo kalait in avenues in Nando's chicken! did u try it? 7adda 3ajeeb their chicken is sooo tasty

oo ba3dain i dont really like morellis gelato kithir baskin robbins :$ LOL 9ij inna 5afeef oo 7ilo bes to me all gelato tastes the same, unless ur in italy :P

troo7een witrideen bisalama!

Ansam said...

No 7aram!! My nephews are 6, 8, and 10 and they listen to orders really well mashalla... crying and screaming wont do any good to them! Take it from me.

I think its about how they were brought up at home! I wasnt a spoiled brat when I was a kid myself!

This is stereotyping ;-)

OutOfReach said...

glad you had fun with your family
o0 yes you and your sis were right about the kid , el meshkla kuwaiti kids are very spoiled

This Lady said...

hahaha yeah tara il kuwaiti kids wayid spoiled.

Taqabal Allah inshallah ;)

eshda3wa said...

i dont think lah shghl kuwaiti or not

lah shghl if his parents 3arfeen yraboona with discipline or not!

when i was young if mama said no, khalas end of story!

Ansam said...

Eshda3wa THANK YOU very much :-) I cant agree more! It doesnt have anything to do with nationality!

5roofa said...


ya5ty wala

tro7en o trden bel salama ya rab

6amnena 3alej sweete o u will be missed

salamz dear...

Selezya said...


umm he is a kid wel jaw bared so good 4 him not taking ice cream :)

Sara said...

taqabaal alla 9yamkom sis oo bl 3afyaa el ice cream :> et9adgeen a7laa shay el ice cream bl eshtaa ana oo omy 6ay7eenlaa ;p

el walad kesaar 5a6ry bs ymken mozainlaa men chethy oboh ma shralaah >> oboh o y3arf ma9la7ataa :>

e wala lo q80 chan 3afas el denyaa hehe ;p

Anonymous said...

تقبل الله حبيبتى

وشوقتييينى على الايسكرييييم

احب الايسكريم بالاشتا عجييب ويدفييي

انا مجربه



Anonymous said...

شهيتيني آكل آيس كريم

مع أن الجو حده بارد

ومو بس الطفل الكويتي إلا قولي الطفل الخليجي بشكل عام
إذا ما حصل اللي يبغيه يفضح أمه ويتم يصارخ

وتسلم إيدج الغالية عالبوست

Anonymous said...

9eyam ma8bool enshallah ..

Shoush said...

Eee wala, loo q80 chan sawa filim hindi. Lol! So true! ;P

NewQ8 Bride said...

mashkooren ba3ad galbee to al of u

and yes about kids it`s abought the way they broght up ,

i was a very calm kid 2 :)

Anonymous said...

et9adgeen... i was out with my cousin oo ela tabee vanilla frap oo she never finishes it... bs she started crying and screaming...!!
But i still didn't get it for her.. heheh.. her mom told me if she does that just walk away.. I did... but I had to go back to get her.. and buy the frap... makoo fayda!!

Anonymous said...

u know what the difference between kuwaiti kids ond other kids ?
We spoil our kids , if the mom doesn`t, the dad spoil him .. if not , their grondma or grandba, kids are smart and if they saw the weakness in ur decision they will do what ever they can to have what they want :)