Saturday, January 12, 2008

3adeeee !!!

MY bro and sis are planing to travel to Malaysia enshalah , they found great deal , J is not thinking of traveling kilsh these days , i asked him "that we can go with them it`s only for one week , but he don`t want to go and told me roo7ay
ma3aahom , to be honest i want to go really , i love travelling but

قاعده احس بتأنيب الضمير

he is telling me it is ok but i don`t know

madree is it 3adee or no ???


Anonymous said...

rooo7ay 3adii ;p alzam ma 3laich wnastech oo b3dain its only for a few days 3adiiiii ;)

Anonymous said...

It's my first time to read your blog, but i just feel to comment about this post. Now I'm not sure for how long you've been married. But ask yourself how would you feel if your husband decided to go on a similiar trip with his friends/bros/sis ?. that should give you an easy answer for your question :)

Yara said...

1) Love ur blog new look
2) Love ur sister flickr mashallah mo 6abee3i allah ywafegha enshalla

3) Ana nafs el 7ala, now ra7 a3a6el o asafer m3 ahali o rayli hnee :(

Anonymous said...


go have some fun .. and as u said .. it's only a week .. or u'll be missing him alot ?? :p

Anonymous said...

nice new look..

I would say dont go to avoid problems later!! or make it clear first with him and then go...

NewQ8 Bride said...

zi-one: heheh yah that`s why it`s only for 8 days

Just_me : wellcome dear :) and thanks for your comment , i`ve been married for more than one year , and he did travel with his friends b4 for 3 or 4 days and it was ok for me hmmm i guess

yara : thanks dear 3yoonich
el7lwa it`s an image of my living room ;) i am glad u loved my sis flickr she was on alwatan T.V that day

o dam entay nafs el7ala i guess i am going ;)

Cat: hmmm walah he is telling me ro7ay o 3ade , sure i will miss him waaayed

thanks :) the new look chthee ga3da ajareb
walah mako any problem bas madree ana metradeda

Eng.Petroleum said...

I think no stay and go with him another time ...

can i ask Q

from where your broo and sis get this deal ?
coz i may travel these day's and i want a good deal 2 ;-D

Anonymous said...

they say couples should take separate vacations... if it was me i wouldnt take it.. im too attached :p .. but i know ur husband has frequently traveled with his friends before.. so i guess its only fair ! :D

just go where ur heart says... estekheri too.

Oranjina fadidra said...

its only one week why not!!

This Lady said...

itha ri7tay ra7 tefte7een 3alaich beeban imsadida.. ba3dain ohwa bigoolich ana basafir ma3a rab3i mithil ma intay safartay wiya ahalich..

fa stay a7san 3ashan ita3awidon u do things as a family :)

OutOfReach said...

3adi go Have fun :) o0 enjoy your time
and buy lots of presents for him :P
its good to have break and be by your self for a short time :)

FourMe said...

emm etha eho min enoo3 eysafir ma3a rab3a thn roo7ay bs etha eho ma ysafir ela ma3ach thn la 7aram ge3day.. bs at the end entay adraa eb raylich o na9ee7a la takhtheen ray a7ad cuz enaas 3omrhom may3rfoon shydoor bain erayal w morta.

NewQ8 Bride said...

eng.petroleum: la walha dear i guess i am going enshalah :)

walah madree the read the add in the newspaper , from a travel agent called four season

vyyvaa: ya traveled with his friends before so i guess 3ade :)

Oranjina fadidra : i know i will miss him waayed but this a good thing :)

this lady : walah ohwaa ysafer ma3a rab3a bas for 3 or 4 days ana bazeed 3 days more :)
so elbab maftoo7 o khale9

outofreach : enshalah , o 9a7 walah it`s agood break

fourme : walah e7na mn bdyat zawajna we agreed that it`s ok to travel apart sometimes , so i guess this is the time :)

Shoush said...

7aaaaaada go oo china il 3eed! :P