Thursday, January 24, 2008

see U

i am leaving tonight enshalah , i will be away for 10 days , i will miss u 9ij 9ij waaaayed , i know i can take my laptob with me but i want to take a break and also

عشان اعرف غلاتي !!!!!!!!!!!!

i will miss u all

ma tamroonee 3ala shaaay?

akeeed akeed i will check my blog :P

ma agdar ahdkom :)

yalaah ma3aa alsalamaa

Monday, January 21, 2008

my beloved`s birthday enshalah will be on wed. he will turn 30 , since i was young i always imagined that i am going to marry a 30 years old man :) and enshalah now i will achieve my dream hehehe ;)

i had plans for that day , but unfortunately i will not make :( yalaah mo mishaklaa

i was going to take the hall day for me since i am leaving the next day enshalah , but it`s not going to work .

i am watching Taw eleeel on alwatan tv . by the way i love alwatan tv but what`s wrong with mo7amad elman9ooor ?????? ya3nee madree he thinks he`s funny, they r talking about cosmetics surgeries , the topic that everybody is talking about now

i will do libo enshalah but after i had my first baby enshalah ;)

كلمة حق :

NBK U r the best , mashalah 3aleehom they r amazing o the r taking care of thire costumers , love them .

Saturday, January 19, 2008

fasting , ice cream and a kid

i am fasting , o 7adee yooo3ana

yalaah the countdown started , enshalah next yhursday i will travel to Malasiya , yeh i will miss J alot adree starting from now :( but at the same time he is going to a Race an bahrain , ya3nee met3adleen :)

yesterday i had my f6oor at the avneues , with mom and sis , it was really fun to have girl`s day out , we had some tastey ice cream at Morelli's Gelato wooooow it is a luxury ice cream , try the yogurt mo 6abee3ee , there was a kid (he is not kuwaiti ) mn jensya 3arbeya asking his dad to buy him some ice cream , his dad responed : No u never eat your ice cream , so the kid didn`t say any thing and walked away !!i was thinking , if this kid was a kuwaiti kid what will he do ?? he will cry and shout and do the most embarrassing behavior just to get what he want .

the kid kesar kha6re and my mom was going to buy him ice cream but we told her mom malch shgel :P la taksreen kelmat oboooh

Wednesday, January 16, 2008

Deal of The day

i am a jeans mania , i can`t live without jeans and also i am wearing jeans all the time , i found this great deal and i wanted to share it with u jeans fans ,at River Island sale , all the sizes and great styles only for 10 K.D , i bought 2 and i wished i bought more :) so it`s holiday season , bar o shaleeh o sofar so u need some new jeans ;)

6aba3aan ana 3aysha eldoor enee ana Confashions and Kuwait-stayle :P love u girls

Monday, January 14, 2008

برد و حليب و هيل

رفيجتي معاي بالدوام اسم الله عليها دايما تطلع بفانتق اليوم دخلت الدوام و من مريت صوب المكتب و الا اشم هالريحه الي تينن ريحة حليب و هيل وااااااااااي الجو بارد و صج كان وقته
كانت يايبه مطاره عوده و اكواب ورق و قاعده توزع على المكاتب بعد قلبي احبها

في ناس بس ييون يقطون جم كلمه و يمشون ما يدرون اذا هالكلام يجرح و لا لأ


انا مقدمه اجازة من زمان من قبل لا اقرر اسافر انشالله اجازتي من تاريخ 20 يناير شنو السبب اللي يخلي مديرتي ترفض و تقولي لأ اجليها 3 ايام ؟؟؟؟ ليش يعني ؟؟ ماكو سبب وشنو الفرق بين تاريخ 20و تاريخ 23 ؟؟؟؟

عاد انا عاندت و قلت ابيها ب 20


Anonymous !!! منو و شنو يبون ؟؟؟

Saturday, January 12, 2008

3adeeee !!!

MY bro and sis are planing to travel to Malaysia enshalah , they found great deal , J is not thinking of traveling kilsh these days , i asked him "that we can go with them it`s only for one week , but he don`t want to go and told me roo7ay
ma3aahom , to be honest i want to go really , i love travelling but

قاعده احس بتأنيب الضمير

he is telling me it is ok but i don`t know

madree is it 3adee or no ???

Monday, January 07, 2008

love U MOnday

back again to my Monday rituals :)

Ugly Betty & Desperate Housewives back again on Showtime

so please don`t invite me on Mondays :P i don`t leave house and i do my laundry , the laundry is for giving my mom an excuse to not going out cuz she `s thinking watching series is a silly excuse ;)

Saturday, January 05, 2008

me, my life and the new obsession

i would like to thank everybody who spend sometime reading my blog and comment about my post

thanks all and happy new year to all of U :)

the Pictures from my previous post was taken by my husband using his new Camera , it `s his birthday gift in advanced , i hate giving Bday present before the birthday but i don`t know it`s just happened like that

i went to great " Yallwa Party " mashalah it was so fun o wanasa , in general i hate Yalwa but this time it was really fun o 7abeet my look ;)

waayed astanes lama aroo7 party o ashoof kil elbnaat 7a6een simple make up :) , i don`t mean that i am an expert :P i love simple make up walah , o i hate iy lama ashof el clowns make up walah

what is this new obsession about the Cadillac handbag ??? the beige one that everybody is talking about and it`s out of stock when i looked for iy on the net , any one i ordered the black one , i don`t know why i am doing that i buy stuff chthee bas walah

walah i saw the beige and it was 7lwaa , with a reasonable price but it will be in bas for a while i know that heheh kuwait deerat el habaa i know after sometime we will find that bags b soog el salmeya b 5 K.D :P

this is the bag i couldn`t found the beige

Tuesday, January 01, 2008

happy new year

Happy New Year :) i am celebrating with my hot drink and Panadol Pills :S

my 2008 resolutions Enshalah :

1- loosing weight

2-Forgive those who really hurt me (i don`t think so )

3- improve my language

4- read more books

5- Read more Qur`an

6-get close to God more

7-Save MOnyeeeeeeeeh :P

8-Get to know more people than i do :)

9 - Perform Hajj (ensnahalh )

10-To stick with my friends 3laa 6oool enshalla : )

11- to achive all the above enshalaah

كان احتفالنا فبيتنا و امي مسوية لنا احلى عشا حق راس السنه @@@

كل عام و انتو بخير