Monday, December 10, 2007

my day

my bathroom :)

I opened my eyes and it’s 7 P.M weeeeeeeeeeeeeeee3 I hate that kind of nap, that u decide to rest for an hour or something and u ended up sleeping more than 3 hours

7ade “mest3asera “ o m39ba , I am not in the mood to attend the class , or to leave the house , so what is the best thing to do now ????

J is not home, this is good for the moment :P a7laa shay to do now is to light some scanted candles in my room and in the bathroom – J `s idea of lighting candles for relaxing is Conjuration !!!! madree shako

Any way i light the candles and had a great worm shower , I used all my spa products , I remembered that when I was preparing my apartment that I worked hard to give my bathroom the spa atmosphere but as I mentioned earlier J is not a Fan of such a thing so I am enjoying it alone , I ended my relaxing session with Johnson baby powder ( I love it ) and coco Chanel mist .

Now I am drinking my 3 in 1 Nescafe and writing the post and feeling so calm and relaxed


Oranjina fadidra said...

ugh hate that feeling, its like game over!
yeah hot showers beats complicated situations right in the butt or so.

Sara said...

wanasaaa .. na3emaaaaaaan sis mashallaa 7amamich ywanes :D shwagteeny 7ag hal swalef men zeman ma 7saait bester5aaaaaaaa2 yabeela SPA TIME :D

Alla yhaneech sis oo y5aleech doom menta3sha :>

Ra-1 said...

Shawagteenee :p
I am calling now to book a relaxing massage hour for tomorrow :)

Yara said...

Wow eyanin el 7amaam :) Na3eeeman o 3alaich bil 3afiya 7adich shawagteeeeeni abiii :)

Ansam said...

na3iman :-D

Nooni said...

thats the only reason i wish getting married for... having a sexy bathroom!

Lucky you :)

Anonymous said...

God for ya!! You have a nice bathroom by the way..

Shoush said...

Ya salam, mazaaj. ;) Na3eeman!

Selezya said...

na3eemaan sis w doomz enshalah sweety :)
btw .. pic the man who is sleeping n the last post goooooooood !! i like him :p sorry i mean i like it the pic hah :p

This Lady said...

ur bathroom looks soo nice. chinna spa!

u deserve a good time, dear. enjoy it alone a7san ;)

Lala* said...

Gorgeous bathroom..

I'm jealous!

5roofa said...


o ambi ur bathroom 7ada romantic lool shako madry bs yaly hak e7sas
wayed nayes babog el shakel momken loool

salamz sweetee...

NewQ8 Bride said...

thanks all :) o 7yakom alaah anytime ;)

oranina : ee walah very nice feeling

sara : mashkoora ba3d galbee ee walah yabeelh spa time

ra1 : eeee walah i need relaxing massage

yara : 7abeebte thanks

ansam : thanks dear alaah yn3am b7lich

judy abbott : looool ma ysawa tra u goy married 3ashan shay u alone ra7 testansen feeh lol

shayooma : mashkoora dear

shoush :) thanks alaah yn3am b7alich

selezya : thanks dear o el pic this is my husband <---chthaba :P
yah i know he is hot heheh sorry J

this lady thanks dear

lala : thanks for passing by o 7yaach alaah any time ;)

OutOfReach said...

i loved it love your bathroom a7la shay candles o0 taking a shower shawgteeni :)
3leech be el 3afya o0 n3eeman :)