Friday, December 21, 2007

MY 3eed

My 3eed :

I was a wake till 5 a.m , so I woke up really tired

I couldn’t wear my 3eed clothes, the weather was worm and my clothes were suitable for a cold cold weather.

J didn’t prepare his Deshadesh  7aneet 3aleeh waayed bas he didn’t listen, so he don’t have any winter `s deshdasha, he had one deshesha and the maid ruined it in the morning ;) a7san

So I tried to match some of my clothes together o 6la3t badala ydeeda, hubby wore white deshdashs: P

We went out visit my grandma , his grandma , had lunch there and then we returned back home , I had the best nap ever , I was really tired .

I had a reservation for dinner at Cut restaurant at movenpick hotel, 6b3a as usual I am the one who arrange everything errrrrrrrgh,

It was my first time there I really loved it , very romantic atmosphere , nice for couples , the service was amazing , there was a live band , the played Spanish songs on guitars , thanks God J loved the place

Waaaayed estanst o definitely we`re going there again ; )


Purgatory said...

For info, the food is terrible there and it is not real Brazilian food, real ones would have 30 plus varieties of non-stop meat action.

Yara said...

glad u have fun :) Khala9 enshallah ana b3ad baro7 cuts ma3 rayli

This Lady said...

Great, a7san inich u made the plans, because men don't do anything like that!

eshda3wa said...

glad u had fun
oo ee 3adi do the arranging shel moshkila ;P

My Pinkish wOrld said...

3edch mbark :)
o0o0 glad that you have fun enshallah doomz

OutOfReach said...

nice ;)
shwagteeni i didnt go there before but i'm going soon;)
glad you enjoyed your time
its ok to do the arranging bs nabi mbadra 7ilwa etha e6l3at menhom :P y3ni mo kel shay 3leena
am I right ;P

NewQ8 Bride said...

purgatory : thanks for passing by :) to be honest i didn`t try Brazilian food bfore so i can not judge .

when i like the atmosphere of a resturant i will love it :)

yara : thanks 7abeebte , and ya give it a try u may like it :)

this lady : i know i knjow ;) don`t tell me

eshda3wa : adree 3adee o lazem y9eer 3adee cuz no way yfakroon :P heheh j will kill me adree

my pinkish world : thanks dear :)

out of reach : enshalh u will had fun o 9a7 klamich nabee mobadara heheh

Ansam said...

3eidich Mbarak :-)
I do all the arranging and I dont mind it... I actually like it and feel comfortable LOL

Oranjina fadidra said...

HAHAHA thats evil ;)
o ba3din, since when men listen!
appealing its a have to now for fadidra.

Sara said...

new bride afa 3aleech badlat el 3eed kant kooout o lebstaaaaaaaaa gtlohom 7ar bard mo6ar raa7 albesa y3ny ra7 albesa:D

o bl 3afyaa 3alekom el 3asha shakla kaan latheeth :>

o 5aleee kel shay 3alleech a7san >> tara lo btan6erenhom mara7 tsaween shay ;p o hathy 7aqeeqa tara wala 9adgeeny heheh ;p

the tooth.fairy said...

I'm glad you had fun.

But I have to agree with Purg. it's nowhere near Brazilian food.

And to solve your arranging dilemma, I have the solution for you.

Get a nice big bowl put it bel 9ala or something, and fold all the restaurants names in papers, each 6al3a one of you get to draw one and call to make a reservation, saves the thinking part, and saves you from going to almost the same place over and over again, and also gives you some time off from the constant planning.

Try it oo ed3eeli. Bss I enjoy doing the arranging part always ;p unless it was my birthday

charisma said...

7beebty entay aham shy bl salfaa entay estanastay:)

mn 3wadah ya rb

Selezya said...

glad 2 hear that u had a nice time
hope 2 be all the time honey :)
o0 kel 3am o0 entay bkhair sprry adry mt2khrah :)

Anonymous said...

Glad you had a nice evening.. Though I do remember the first day of 3eed being quite chilly :s Madri maybe I'm a cold chicken.

Anonymous said...

3edech mbarak w 3alykom bel 3afya :)

FourMe said...

Wasn't that where the Italian restaurant was?! Did they change it? anyhows glad you and the hubby enjoyed it

5roofa said...

loooooooool wala zeen 6al3 fe a7ad nafsna e9awe r el food o evrything

zeen ur hubby m5aleej
ana kela anzaf men ahali 3ala hal salfaa

o its great u had fun o shakla el mokan nice bel3afyaaa


salamz sweetee...

Nora-Cassandra said...

i'm glad you had a nice eid! i don't celebrate eid, but i do remember my family in eid times in kuwait! it was fun and good food! :D

well hope you had nice holidays, and hope the new years will be as good and even better! :)

esTeKaNa said...

عليج بالعافيه
شكله كان عيد ممتع
خلصتي الاي سي دي ال؟
انا سقطت بامتحان الاكسس تخيلي
واي حسيت ابي اتحلطم
اتمنى لج نهاية اسبوع سعيده