Saturday, December 08, 2007

Mashalh this weekend was the best week end ever , i passed my Excel test "sigh" i didn`t try excel b4 so i was really worried that i am going to fail , but i got 88% ;)

last night i went to a great reception mashalah , it was at movenpick hotel , i had fun i really did , 7abeet my new look , usually i never wear short cocktail dresses but i did this time and thanks God shaklee wayed 7loo and cute <----ma y9eer amd7 nafsee bas waayed kint mestansaa :)

today , i had lunch with my frinds at Marina Crecent , the weather was amazing and we really had fun , mashalah shefna waaayed nas n3refhom o kaan el wathe3 3ajeeeeeeb

so it was fun and wansa

J good luck , wish u all the best

o yalaah back to work enshalah tomorrow


Selezya said...

3sa do0om enshalah ya 7elwa :)

Ra-1 said...

Thank u so much for coming, and am glad u had fun ;)

Unknown said...

FUN.. FUN.. FUN.. :D
allah la y'3ayer 3alaij

Tekana said...

enshala doom mistansa ya rab :)