Friday, December 28, 2007



sorry love

sorry 7abebe

i don`t know how am i going to do that

i am not going to be with U

i am not going to fall asleep hugging u

i am not going to look at your face while u r sleeping

but i have a reason , a strong reason , i know it is not your fault

i have to take this step , i want to rest i want to dream

i am leaving ...........................................

i am leaving the bed cuz U R SNOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOORING :P
hehehe i am going to sleep on the couch tonight hehehe walah abee anaaaam :P
sorry J don`t get mad


do0da said...

i hope its a comfy couch

FourMe said...

heheheh alaah y3eenich .. you should of pushed him or gave him a little nudge so he wakes up slightly and stops sno0ring.

eshda3wa said...

ull get used to it sooner or later
ba3dain when he stops snoring ma tgdreen etnameen cz u miss it :P

Anonymous said...

You are a child if you're letting snoring get you away from your marriage bed. A child indeed!

Some people have to beg god to let them be with the ones they love and yet you are ditching that bed just because you can't stand the snoring. There is something called Earplugs, invest in some :)

Anonymous said...

loool a5aaaaih allah y3eenech 3laih :P

Unknown said...

lol, 7asbaley ga3da tetnasain feeh :Pp

This Lady said...

ambaih khara3teeni! i thought u were breaking up! smillah 3alaikom!

there r many ways to stop snoring btw. check the internet. also ako lazga ba3ad i7e6oonha 3ala il nose! khal ijarebha J!

Good luck dear!

Shoush said...

Lol. 5ara3tnini in the beginning of the post. :P

Maybe he cud do something about it. See a doc or something. :P

Anonymous said...

did u not sk him if he snored before you got married?

OutOfReach said...

lol allah y3eenech :P
there are ways to solve this problem ;P ygo0lo0n if you shake him maybe he will stop :P
change the pillows maybe it will help !!

OutOfReach said...

lol allah y3eenech :P
there are ways to solve this problem ;P ygo0lo0n if you shake him maybe he will stop :P
change the pillows maybe it will help !!

NewQ8 Bride said...

doda : i didn`t make it :) ma agadar anam broo7e

fourme : maskeen am doint this all the time and it`s working only for 3 minutes :)

eshda3wa :

lol e walah that`s why i slept till 2 pm

jezebel : i am not a cild but u didn`t try the feeling of styong awake till 5 am and u have to go to work at 6:30 , i was thinking about it but i didn`t do it cuz i can`t sleep without him

zi-one : hehehe alaha kareem

zaboo6a : lol laa 3ad mabee atnsa feeh

this lady : laa el7mdelah
heheh we tryed everything bas makoo faydaa :)

shoush : hehehe ya i guess we have to see a doc

laily_q8: nop o awal ayaam he wasn`t snoring

outofreach : walah i am doing that everynight maskeen yakser kha6ree

5roofa said...


waay alah esam7ej 5ar3tene gelt fekom shay smela 3alekom

lool 3adi one day take a rst lool

bs tara fe 3elaj men el 9aydaleya lezga twagef el snoring lloooool

alah e5alekom lb3ath ya rab

salamz sweetee...

Ra-1 said...

LOL khara3teenee !

LOfat said...

LOL thats cute :-) next time he snores... nudge him

Chicken Soup said...

hehehehehe cuuuuute!!!

ana my puppy snores sooo much when he sleeps, fa lama yz3ejni, a5ar3a 3ashan yifiz oo then he goes back to sleep without snoring ;p

oo athker marra il7ub kan nayem oo gam yishak5er chan i nudge him oo he stopped :P bes snoring 5afeef of course.

my dad snores mashallah 3alaih very loudly. but thats because he sleeps with his mouth open sometimes LOL

Anonymous said...

looooool, ihave been suffring from my huppy snooring 8 years,, and iam still survive,,allah ey3inech,,its very bad thing, lma tem9a5 el salfa agol la 7abiby allah ey5alik ro7 nam 3end 3ialek 3endhom bad dream hehehe. 6arda with polite

Sara said...

Loooooooooool alla Y3eenich o 3ndena o 3ndich 5air >> ana omy snoring o oboy snoring o rayly snoriny oo sa3at refajaty b3d loooooool y3ny mako fayda hehehe .. 3mooman fe 7aaal :

etha sha5ar wayed bl lail ya enech t6al3een 9ooot !! lol aw enech t7arkeena shway o ohwa nayem aw ta6lebeen mena ena yagleb el na7ya el thanya ;p

jarbehom o golele :>