Sunday, December 16, 2007

i am cool now , thank u all for your comforting comments , leesh knt m39aba ???

My Sis <----i love her o i wanna kill her when my parent had a fight i noticed that she must be the reason

i got mad on her cus she didn`t buy anything for 3eed and she don`t have anything to wear , i don`t know how could a 21 year old girl never think about shopping , fashion hanging out , t7er 7adha

shnoo saweet ???? i took her with me ga9eb o we spend a great time shopping and she got very nice outfits , shoes and same make up .

hmmm ana estanst 7adee , ya3nee i realized that i love to shop for others

i Love U sis :*


Yara said...

Wanasa i love shopping for someone else and it feels good lama alga shay eyanin 7agi :P Was it at the avenues? i was there ams.. za7ma

Anonymous said...

loool enzain ana ma shrait shay 7ag el 3eed 7adii malii 5elg ;p e5theeenii m3aach hehehe

Unknown said...

wainha 3aney e5tej ! :Pp
sharya 7g el3eed o ham feeni b3ad , tbadel?

No3iK said...

u could be a shopping assistant ;)

Ansam said...

I look to shop for myself the most LOL 7addi na7eesa

OutOfReach said...

thats nice i like it when i spend time with my sis,,, :P
and who doesnt like shopping :P
glad you had a good time with your sis

Sara said...

hehe new bride an 9arly esboo3 adawer a7ad yroo7 m3ay el soog 3ashan ashtery badla aw 3al aqal akamel el hdoom el nawge9 ely 3ndy :/ oo mo lagyaa ma7ad ma36eeny waih kelesh oo rayly may7eb yetsawag ela 7ag nafsaa oo tbeen el 9ij ana b3d ma3arf atsawag o ohwa m3ay :S

ma bega shay 3al 3eed wla re7t el soog so qarart alabeg men ely 3ndy :>

alla y5aleeha lich yarab :> o lat5afeen maradhaa btetsawag wet7eb el soog :>