Monday, December 17, 2007

Cupcake , Glamour and Nescafe this is the luxury of life <-- ay shay

but really i feel so relaxed getting back home drinking my coffee add to it the cup cake alaaaaaaah more waight to gain

i passed by Villa Moda 2day , i don`t have anything in mind so i didn`t get anything , bas kil elnas b Gucci , waay el zooga girls a3marhom 13 or 14 are shopping there o 7adhom style o coool , i don`t know if this is something good if u let a little girl to get inside the world of fashion to early !!hmm madree bas shaklhom kan yshaweg

enshalah Tomorrow i am going to fast alaah ytgabal mena o mnkom
fe mawthoo3 f balee i wanna post about bas enshalah after the Eid yabeelah tafkeer 3adel :)

see ya all


Anonymous said...

well yeah that's cool & No it is not good that those young girls are acting like adults!

charisma said...


3leej baalf 3aafyaa hal mood el 7lo

aw alah ytaqabal mna aw mench 9al7 el a3maal

aw 3idch mbarak aw mn 3wadah 7bebty

yala na6ren el post b3d el 3ed:)

Anonymous said...

waiting for your next post

o ili 14 o 13 mala da3e 7ada
li 9araw 21 shbsawoon

Yara said...

Allah yetqabal mna o minich enshala:)