Tuesday, December 04, 2007

busy working

it is 3 P.M and i am still at work , we r doing interviews and i am the one who is responsible of the arrangements

God , there r really rude people walah , they think that u r working for them

busy busy with work , i am just relaxing for while , so i decided to post !?!? am i a blogoholic ??? i read about that once in a blog i don`t remember who

ambeeh khalaa9 got to go


Shoush said...

I don't think ur a blogoholic.

Anonymous said...

el 3omer ye5ale9 w el she'3el ma ye5le9 .. get some rest sister

5roofa said...

wala i think im blogoholic ba3aad

lool alah esa3dej swetee

salamz ove...

OutOfReach said...

me too i dont think you are :)
b3deen 3adi its work and your board :P fa its ok