Tuesday, December 25, 2007

back to work


back to work , with headache and flue , i couldn't come yesterday , but i refused to take a sick leave 4 today i don`t want to stay home

i have Haj reception on Thursday , she is my friend and i don`t know what to get her ??? Gosh why we should have all these kinds of receptions???

ooof rasee y3awrne


Anonymous said...

salamat babe...

Anonymous said...

"Gosh why we should have all these kinds of receptions???" >> lol I was discussing this with a friend today :P

ana illi mo mistaw3ebtah il hospital receptions !!

the tooth.fairy said...

buy her a chocolate box oo fuki 3umrech ;p

mala da3i esteqbal 7aj !

Eng.Petroleum said...


Ithink some of patchi chocolate is fine ^_^

This Lady said...

aakh me too i have lots of receptions to go to! 4 in one day!

but u dont have to get her anything. just going to the reception is important.

Yara said...

ee walla :/ u dont have to get her anything.. bs if u want yebelha set dehen 3od o chethi

5roofa said...

slamaaaaaaaat sweetee

alah e3eeenj walaa

9ij bel eshta el dawam 9ayer thgeeel

salamz sweetee...

Anonymous said...

allah y3eenech ..

LOfat said...

rasich ye3awrich? its psychological after this break believe me... check the article i wrote under the title "Functioning Right After The Long Weekend"

As for the reception... this is Kuwait sal 3ala ennibi heehee


Anonymous said...

حبيبتى والله 4 ايام مرضيه يعنى جاايده
اجر وعاافيه ما تشوفيين شر

وشهالتوقيت حق المرض
كلش مو شى الله يعيينج

وعلى الاستقبالالات انا بنتحر
كل يوم امى ازيد لى بييت بسسسسسسسسسسسس
تعبناا استغفر الله


سلامات يالغالى سلامات


OutOfReach said...

i hate all kind of reception lol

Mad White Woman said...

Ee all we have in Kuwait are receptions 3ala ay shay!!
Salamat ;)

Nora-Cassandra said...

oh girl you made me feel so sorry and bad for you! i will be going back to work myself tomorrow! :P but thank god no flu and hopefully no headache! :P

girl i don't even know what to tell you about those receptions! i'm glad here i could just give money or a gift card and that will be acceptable!

Selezya said...

allaah y3eench :s

NewQ8 Bride said...

chikapappi :thank u babe ;)

True Faith : ee walah me 2 malah da3ee

Eng.Petroleum : hmm i guess i will think about it :) thank u dear

this lady :
madree i guess fashla hmmm walah t9adgeen we have to go without hadeya walah

yara : walah i bought her cavali wallet o bkhoor

5roofa , zi-one , ansam ,charizma , anon , mad white woman : thanks for your time o alaah yslmkom :)

nora -cassandra : sis i miss u so much :)

o yah entay meftka mn el receptions ;) i wanna live where u live ;)