Saturday, November 03, 2007

mom, dad , and self confident

i` ve just came from the airport wishing mom & dad a nice trip , they r going to Maldives enshalah and i hope they r going to like there :) it is my gift to them for their anniversary , thanks god everything became ok

few weeks ago my parents had i huge fight and i felt bad , i guess u people noticed that from some of my posts , i really hate that , cuz everybody was talking about how r they still in love all these years , cuz they go out alot and travel together and everybody is saying about them , r u still an honeymoon !! some people never say mashalah .

i am thinking to go to Maldives maybe on Feb enshalah :) but i have to loose weight first ;)
ok , if u know a person who really hurts you by saying stuff about u , and u have to respect him /her cuz he / she is older than u , how can u deal with that ????

i am so sensitive and i ca`t take it anymore .

i have problem with my nose , i have this feeling from along time that i want to do nose job , but waayed nas r telling me shaklich kilaah rakeb 3laa ba3aath u do not need , sometimes ma yhmnee and i never think about it , but once i heard a comment i feel bad for days

j refused and kind of surgery , but i feel bad :( if those people r not saying anything i will have self confidant

mom , dad i started to miss u already alaah yab3ed 3ankom 3yoon el naas yaraab


Unknown said...

now this one hell of a nice nose.. you can't relay on that picture,

as for your parent i hope they have fun... i hate fights too.. but some times knowing each other very well makes the two the same and they dont understand their situation.

Anonymous said...

well, first of all enshalla your parents get there safe & have fun..

Secondly, no need for a surgery, do not change what god gave u & ask your hubby first :P

3rdly, go confront whom ever spoke about you to the face & see what he/shes tells you, then you will know if to res[ect or not

Anonymous said...

yroo7oon weredoon bel salamah enshalla ;p
bs 7bait agoolech ena i had a nose job li2ana knt agoom elfayer men elnom magdar atnafas lol my advise etha ohwa m5areb 3ala wayhech aw m'6aygech bel tnafos aw shay go for it li2ana ana 3n nafsii wayed erta7t el9ara7a bs etha ohwa 3ady oo mo m'3a6y 3ala mlam7ech malech she'3el feehum ;) lo a7aad kalemech 3adii y3nii reday 3laih eb esloob y7asesah ena u don't care ;)

Yara said...

Allah ykhalihom lecho ma yfareghom o ya7fe'6hom...
Me2 7adi wedi aro7 el maldives :( et-hagain feb el jaw zain hnak?

As you like, what if it turned out wrong? wain etkhesheen wayhech? :/ sadgeni el 3amaleya not something u want to do... ana wladt fat7 ba6in 3amaleya :/

This Lady said...

Min sijich? layhimich 7achi il nas. I know it makes us sad bes sadgeeni Allah yakhith 7agich minhum :)

Oo inshallah ya rab ur parents they have fun ib their mini-honeymoon oo ya rab 7ayat'hum kelha honeymoon inshallah! ur a great daughter newbride ;)

and about the nose job, i know many ppl who did it and they looked better before. sadgeeni i'm sure u dont need it. we all dont have PERFECT noses, lakin aham shay ina kilich 3ala ba3thich perfect ;)

shoosha said...

i had my nose done, i posted about it ib one of my posts :) ma ta7asaft at all oo im also thinking of doing it again :P mo 3ashan shay baas 3ashan 7adda wanasa :P

eshda3wa said...

yro7on o yredon belsalama

learn to love urself esh3alaich min 7ache elawadim

NewQ8 Bride said...

judy : do u think so ??? and about my parent i know that they love each other and as u said the know each other well

chikapappi : thanks 7abebte :) ya i know it is 7aram but i hate it if someone comment even though it is not that bad , that is what makes hubby refused the idea of nose job

zi-one : tabeen el 9ij it is not affecting my health el 9ra7aa so that is why i am afraid enee adkhal fe bab ebah 7aram

yara : thanks alot dear , i guess in feb the weather is good

9a7 klamich what if i became mo 7lwaa :( iwill feel sorry

this lady : i know ma yhmne klam el naas bas etha elnas ma yst7oon o ya3lgoon jdam your husband ??? o yah ana waayed khayfa it will turned out wrong

shoosha : yah i know somegirlz did it o kan shaklhom zooga , but in my cas if i did it o 9ar 7loo i will not look at my wedding pic ??? 7asafa heheh

eshda3wa : enshalah dear :) o thanks for passing by

Anonymous said...

la la la plz latsoween!! you're happily married ew raylich iy7ibich (mashallah, il7imdillah!) fa laish?!? for one, uhwa 7aram, ew ba3dain 9adgeeni, i've seen a LOT of nose jobs, ew wala wa7da feehum shakil'ha A7LA. ya3ni the nose is smaller ew chithi, bas awal iykoon kilshay 3ala goltich "rakib 3ala ba3'6"... ew ba3dain channich ibtar'6een ilnas, mara7 itkhal9een... ew nose jobs can cause SO Many problems! both physical ew nafseeyan (one of my sister's friends was depressed for the longest time!).. madri a7is ma tiswa! learn to love yourself and fix what's on the inside... il-outside moo muhim!! i wish you the best!!

OutOfReach said...

hmm that was sweet i mean your gift ;)
hope they will enjoy it o0 allah y5lehom lech ya rab :)
o0 ma 3leech men el naas act like you dont care !!
or maybe you can face your problem like talking to those who are saying these comments that you are sensitive and you dont like it when they are making fun of the way you look (( you can say it in a good way )) maybe then they will stop
take care :)

Eng.Petroleum said...

Dear never think about the surgery

Your husband and your family love you just like this

You r beautiful from inside which is the most important

So many girls are glamorous, great looking, beautiful and they are not happy with there life’s

Just say al7amdilliaaaah