Sunday, November 11, 2007


me boring taking photo shots from my mobile :P

i am taking this ICDL course , the course is been giving to me by my work , it is from 7 to 9 P.M Gosh , it is the hanging out time , moreover it is boring really boring , i wish i could attend only the tests but i have to attend .

today the class is about how to set up your screen saver !!!!!!! booooring

i do need a maid now really i do i don`t have time to do houseworks


Anonymous said...

Hehehe It must be boring I know, you're a teacher huh?! :)

Яeema said...


you didnt see thing yet in marrriage

be orginized always

welcome to the real world !

you think if you bring a housemaid your problem will be solved???

you need to teach her
look after her
feed her
think for her
buy things for her

she is more mess than a small baby !

Zed said...

screen savers lol, retro

This Lady said...

way laa! if u get a maid, u think ur problems will be solved? they will be TRIPLED!

wallah u have to teach them everything oo they r such a responsibility.

NewQ8 Bride said...

chikapappi : too boring , and no am not a teacher i am anadministrative assistant at kuwait University :)

reema : really reama ?? ya i know that this is the real life about the maid i guess i need it walah Khalte om zooje said it to me directly that her maid ma tla7eg !!

zed : lol

this lady : walah i know bas walah i need one

esTeKaNa said...

عندي وعندج خير
انا بعد ماخذه الدورة ومتملله حيل منها،تخيلي اهو يشرح واللي يمي تسولف لي عن الابل باي اللي في ابل بيز
وعن احلى شي في برجر هب
واسولف لها عن جوكلت بار
وشنو ااحب اكل في نينو

Anonymous said...

aww.. I'm doing taking the ICDL tests only. No classes because it is an independent study course in my university!
Good luck with it :)
I'm done with the 4 first chapters 3 to goooooo!