Sunday, November 11, 2007

i would like to thank everybody who did comment on my previous post supporting me and giving me hopes

I love U all :)

i lost 3 kilos :) my account with Calories control ends last Tuesday , i lost 1,5 Kilo with them , from that day i was really thinking what i am going to eat so i was not eating cuz i don`t know what to eat i found myself loosing more 1,5 kilo ?? wanasa :)

my parent arrived yesterday and my mom is going to cook again and i know i am going to eat ;)

mashalah they really had fun there , they were tanned :P

woow i want to go Maldives enshalah , but i guess i have to waite , nabee nyme3 3ahsan nestanes 3laa ra7tnaa

by the way is it normal if u share the expanses of your vacation with your husband , or lazem he pays for everything ???

hmmm cuz in my last 2 vacation he was paying for everything , and we was talking and he asked me to share with him our next vacation hmmm is it normal ?? i feel 3adee , but yamkin fe nas ygooloon lazem ohwaa ydfaa3 kil shay !!


back :) tawnee shfta wa7da bldawaam , mashalah she lost some weight i told her wansa mashalah tha3fana ambeh she hugged me and cried !! ambeeh she said everybody was telling her ya ba6a , o matnaana o basich metn o tgool she is on diet o she was going to quite because of them but my words gave her support ,

plz people if u meet a woman who gained some weight plz plz plz don`t tell her , she know it walh


Jewaira said...

About sharing money:
Marriage is a partnership and you're in this together. Isn't it a good idea to share your money together especially on a trip where inshallah you will both have fun? :-)

Shoosh said...
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Yara said...

Bel3aks 7adda shay 3adi enna you share.. floskom wa7da o laish ma etsa3deena dam ento fe bedayat 7ayatkom.. bas latgolen 7ag a7ad coz tadreen eshlon elnas tdawer ay shay 3shan tetkalam.. khalay hal shay bainich o baina..

O enshallah testansoon bil trip ana b3ad abi aro7 el maldives..

Mabrook 3al weight loss :)

NewQ8 Bride said...

thanks jewaira , thanks Yara :)

Unknown said...

i think that it would be a perfect scenario where he pays for everything, but since this is travel and something u will both enjoy but don't actually need, then why not :D Have fun!

Selezya said...

I think the most importent thing is sharing
sure its so normal
the ppl who said its un-normal i think they really need help
dont be like them and go give ur hand 2 him cuz he need ur next step about sharing :)

& so happy to know u lossing more weight
keep lossing :)

Anonymous said...

No.. don't pay a dime.

Anonymous said...
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Anonymous said...

I think it's fine to share! even when building a house, decorating, kids' expenses everything. In fact, I think it should come out naturally, not something like YOu do this and I do that..

Anonymous said...

i think it's nice to share :) ya3ni it's not your responsibility, in islam it's the man's responsibility bas a7is it's good if you help out in some thing so he doesn't feel overwhelmed! and about the weight thing... seriously, if someone has gained weight, THEY KNOW... there's no need to metion it!!