Thursday, November 15, 2007

i passed the IT test :) 90% lol i felt that i am back to school again .

- this weekend will be a very busy weekend , i am invited to 2 weddings tonight , enshalah am going to one of them only , tomorrow i am invited to girls dinner at my frind house .

- i asked J to go to SHaleeh cuz i want to spend the wedding with mom and dad ma ga3dt ma3ahom 3del mn yaaw mn el sofar

- Q: is watching or reading gossiping about celebrities is considered as part of غيبة?????

- i cant Wait to drink the Toffee Nut Frappuccino madre do they serving it now or not yet , by the way do U know that Starbucks raised their prices .250 Fils more ?? i didn`t realize walah but they did it just after Ramadan

i can`t see the difference walah i am that kind of girl who spend money without noticing :(


Ra-1 said...

etha ebtalbeseen the red dress, make your hair wavy! ra7 e9eer shaklich a7la :) enjoy your time girl ;)

Ansam said...

Mabrooooooooooooooooook and inshalla you get the ICDL eb kobra soon

hmmm wedding! yemkin ashoofich :-P shloon ata'kad.. OK is the invitation card 3ibara 3an blu box o its in a Golden bag?

and after the wedding I hope you have the greatest time with your parents

Toffee Nut usually comes once per year during Christmas time, and yes I think they increased their prices my latte today was KD 1.500 tall size!!!!!