Thursday, November 29, 2007

have a nice weekend

i had that scary dream , i was in a wedding party and i was really really faaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaat and huge waay

i woke up checking myself , el 7amdelaah 3ala kil 7aal that am healthy and shway choppy :P i don`t care walah after what i saw , i don`t want to be the girl in the dream

thanks God am keeping my eating habits balanced , this is much better than going on diet

miss my life , this icdl course is stolen my life , i don`t have time for anything to do

i need something for Eid ?? any recommendation ???


Anonymous said...

don't waste money on buying an outfit ya3ny!

Sara said...

lat7ateen dayman 7elm el mara tafseera 3aks el 7elm :D so dont worry oo bl nesbaa lel 3eed an9e7ech bl zaaaan :D mawjood b mojama3 zahra 7ada mnazel ashyaa tshaweg :D

good luck b badlat el 3eed :>

o 3ndy lich 9oora ehdaa2 fi blogy plz check it out :>

Selezya said...

el7amdeelaah 3al 3afya sweety :*

about the eid
9ara7a nazla bel malls sh`3lat wayed 7elwa :) go and chek :)