Tuesday, November 06, 2007


At 10 a.m my mobile ringed

Me : hala

J: ha shloonich

Me: Fine

J: ana bas dag bagoolich shay , wedee t7mleeen

Me: (ha ambeeh mn 9ijah ) walah , shloon chthee gayart rayek ??? <<----- d3laaa

J : bas madree abeech enshalah t7mleen

Me : (shreera) bas 3ad lazem ayeeb khadama

J : aked aked ma3aleena wede ashofich 7amel

Me : enshalah dear :) alaah kareem

Now i started to worry , it`s been more than one year now and there is no sign for any pregnancy , we did all the needed examinations , and everything was fine , but sub7an alllah as i said before he was not ready for it , and i feel that`s why it is not happening , i didn`t care before cus he was not interested , but now i started to think :

yamkin ma a7mel ?????

ambeeh i need mom now 7adee


Anonymous said...

la enshallah you will dear soon enshallah, do not worry :)

Anonymous said...

dont say that!

eat/drink ananas during period
eat 3inab during normal days
have sex every other day
dont jump off bed quickly after.
and most importantly keep ur prayers and egray sorat maryam, elba8ara.kathri min edo3a..and enjoy making a baby :D

Anonymous said...

Follow vyyvaa's tips and it will do the trick. Just time it right. Good luck ooo Allah Kareem.

Anonymous said...


enshalah u'll be pregnant soon

This Lady said...

Dont worry. My married friends told me that pregnancy is not as easy as we think. It takes time.

But enjoy the time u have with J! Coz having a baby will change many things, and it wont be just u and J alone anymore. ENJOY ENJOY ENJOY!

oo inshallah ili Allah katba biseer. lat7ateen, then u wont enjoy ur days with him :)

3baid said...

It's not so bad, he didn't specify a deadline! ;P

Yara said...

aaaaa wanaaaaaaasaaaaaa :) ay shay tabiina golili ... latgoleen chethi enshallah now dam ohwa gal yabi ra7 et7amlen :)
a7san doktora ever Nahida el3ali etkalmich chenha omich 7adha etraye7

Nooni said...

What a romantic call!!!

I never knew there is a button you push and get pregnant?! :P

Dear Medically they don't start with the "make your pregnant" procedures untill three years of marriage !!!

tawich seena o mesta3yelaa!!! leesh maletaw min ba3ath?

sorry for being honest but one of the main things that might delay your pregnancy is stressing and thinking about it alot !!

now you know you two want a baby, enjoy life.. don't think about it .. and it will happen be2ethn allah.

Ra-1 said...

Esmilla 3alech! dont say that :/
inshaAllah ur gonna have a baby :)

NewQ8 Bride said...

Chikapappi : Enshalah :)

Vyyvaa : miss u dear :) enshalah i `ll work with your tips :)

pearls : thanks thanks alot i will enshalah

free moi : 7abeebte thanks

this lady : he was thinking like that to be for each other but this idea tha hits him really makes me think

3baid : heheh ashwa mako deadline :P

yara : thanks thanks thanks alot sure i know i will need u :)

Judy Abbott : ya very romantic :P heheh

it was ok for me but he was the one who don`t want any children and now @@

la walah ma maleena

i feel last night he changed his mind hehe

ra1 : mashkoorah dear :) enshalah

Tekana said...

la tfakreen waid fi hal mawthoo3 tara alnafsya tl3ab door mohem o dam enty o ohwa saleemeen enshala be9eer hal shy.. tawich sina la7ga 3ala alshega :)

Shoush said...

Tafa2alo bil 5air tajidooh. Kilshay beed Allah sb7ana so don't worry just twakilay 3ala Allah and be patient. All in due time inshala.

Lol @ 3baid. :P

Selezya said...

dont worry :)
enshalah t7amleen 3n greeb wefare7 globkum yarab


Anonymous said...

7abebtey allah yarzigich bil-thereyya il-sal7a, bs min asbaab ta'akhur il-7amil ohwa il-tafkeer il-zayed, latfakreen khaleeha 3ala allah

5roofa said...

smela 3aleej la tgolen jthe tara 3ade wala

i have a friend nafs 7altej 9arlaha 2 years o ma 7malat ma3ana kel shay normal

bs tara 3adi kel ta25era feha 5eraa

el tafker el wayed tara mo zen egolej ena etha fakarty wayed ma e9er bser3a

so relax o enshala kel shay e9er ok

T.C sweetee

salamz love...

Anonymous said...

follow the tips vyyvaa gave you plus a little more tips for your hubby too

look it up on google

ow inshallah etha allah kateb byseer 7abibtie

Sara said...

new briiiiiiiiiiiiiide 7beeeeeeeebty sorry tawny agraa el post .. enshala enshala enshala ta7meleeen YARAAAAAAAAAB ta7meleeeeen enshalaa Soon oo tara kel beed alllaaaaaaaah ed3aay o dont worry :>

Blogger said...

la tista3yilen 3ala rizgich!
la7ga 3ala el 7anna o elloya :p
enjoy ur time as much as u can my dear