Thursday, November 29, 2007

have a nice weekend

i had that scary dream , i was in a wedding party and i was really really faaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaat and huge waay

i woke up checking myself , el 7amdelaah 3ala kil 7aal that am healthy and shway choppy :P i don`t care walah after what i saw , i don`t want to be the girl in the dream

thanks God am keeping my eating habits balanced , this is much better than going on diet

miss my life , this icdl course is stolen my life , i don`t have time for anything to do

i need something for Eid ?? any recommendation ???

Sunday, November 25, 2007

New TRend

Confashions and Kuwait style , i am sorry girls i am going to take you role today and i will give a new trendy fashion advice

girls if want to style <---so refejatich y7boon y6l3oon ma3aach , if u want to be THE kashkhaa Girl just try this beauty trendy eyebrows look

and if u r wearing Hjab just complete the look with Alain head Hjab

OMG plz girls stop it , i am not trying to be a fashion expert or something i am a normal person and what u r doing is wrong

walah shakel elbanat 9aar "EVIL" look shaklhom ashraar with this eyebrows

sorry no offends but this is what i think
maybe i am wrong tra

Tuesday, November 20, 2007

Kuwait Makeover

ما احب اتكلم بالسياسة و اعترف ما عندي معلومات سياسية وايد
الأخبار تضيق الخلق
اضرابات و كوادر و كل مجموعة و نقابة محتجين و اعتصامات
بس في وحده معورة قلبي محد حاس فيها
الكويت (يا سلام علي)0
احسها حبيبتي مثل الأم اللي كل عيالها تزوجوا و كل من لاهي عنها بمرته و كل ما تدق عليهم عشان يتغدون عندها كل واحد فيهم يتعذر
احسها الشيب طلع بشعرها و مالها خلق تصبغ
و قامت ما تلبس و تكشخ نفس قبل
تعبانه و يمكن فيها سكر و ضغط بعد
تنام مبجر و قلبها في غصة و تبجي بعد
واي حبيبتي كسرت خاطري ما نبي عيالها يودونها دار العجزة عفية
و اخاف تموت و اهيه شايلة بقلبها
لازم نتغير و نغيرها نسويلها ميك اوفر
و الله بس عاد قاعدين بس نفكر بعمرنا حرام ترى و الله تحبنا
و ترى كل ما نقارنها بربعها اللي يمها
نجرحها لأنها تقول بقلبها في يوم انا كنت حلوة و صغيرة و عطيتكم وونستكم و نسيتوا كل هذا و قمت تشوفون غيري احسن

Sunday, November 18, 2007

To be or not to be, that is the question

how funny living in such a strange area i found this sign today lol this man so crazy he thought that he is Hamlet in Re7ab area :P

الشعر اللي مكتوب فيها :

اكون او لا اكون هذا هو السؤال

و سأكون بإذن الله باختيار هؤلاء الرجال

لول مسكين

Friday, November 16, 2007

i`ve just came home from the wedding , waaaaay mashalah i had fun kan waaayed 7loo alaah ewafghom

ansam yes this is the wedding 7safa tawnee ashoof your comment :( bas mashalah it is very nice wedding 9a7 ????

i guess i am going to sleep now

good night all

Thursday, November 15, 2007

i passed the IT test :) 90% lol i felt that i am back to school again .

- this weekend will be a very busy weekend , i am invited to 2 weddings tonight , enshalah am going to one of them only , tomorrow i am invited to girls dinner at my frind house .

- i asked J to go to SHaleeh cuz i want to spend the wedding with mom and dad ma ga3dt ma3ahom 3del mn yaaw mn el sofar

- Q: is watching or reading gossiping about celebrities is considered as part of غيبة?????

- i cant Wait to drink the Toffee Nut Frappuccino madre do they serving it now or not yet , by the way do U know that Starbucks raised their prices .250 Fils more ?? i didn`t realize walah but they did it just after Ramadan

i can`t see the difference walah i am that kind of girl who spend money without noticing :(

Monday, November 12, 2007


boring boring boring , the course is really boring

in my way home i had this call from a frind from work , she is an old ladyi guess she is in her 40s , ( ya at work we r the Little kids )

i will write it in Arabic so it will be clear :)

راح اسميها ع
ع : السلام عليكم
انا : هلا و الله عليكم السلام عاش من سمع هالصوت (يعني انا عودة و اعرف احاجي الحريم )
ع : هلا حبيبتي شلونج و شلون شوقج -كلمة شوقج يعني زوجج مادري بأي قاموس بس انا تعودت عليهم -
انا : و الله تمام شوقي زين لول
ع : الحمدالله مابي اطول عليج بس بسإلج ما تعرفين كريم زين يتفخ الخدود ؟؟؟؟؟
انا : هه هه ؟؟؟؟؟؟؟
i am that kind of girl that used a morning moisturiser only !!!!!
انا : لا و الله ما اعرف بس ماشالله عليج تهبلين ما عليج قاصر
ع: حبيبتي و الله بس تدرين هالرجاجيل لازم نغير لهم
انا :-------------------
ع : انزين و الله ما تعرفين مكان زين يتفخ الخدود و لا يحلي البشرة
انا : لا و الله حبيبتي ما اعرف
ع : شوفي عاد انا بقولج في ناس بالدوام يقولون انتي تافخة خدودج و كل 6 شهور تروحين تسوينهم ؟؟؟؟
انا : امبيييييييييييييييييييييييييييييه لألألألألألألألألألألأ مو انا اللي اسوي جذي هيهيهيهيهيهي امبيه و الله ايبلج صوري و انا ياهل انا جذي
Oh my God , i hate my cheek , walah that`s why everybody thinks i am fat cuz even if i loose weight my face never changed and now they r spreading a roamer that i had cheeks implants , oh Gosh looooooooosers
offff i am angry really angry shyabooooon , there r lots of important things to talk about at work , do something useful please

This is Shayookha my niece , look it`s in the family large cheeks

Sunday, November 11, 2007


me boring taking photo shots from my mobile :P

i am taking this ICDL course , the course is been giving to me by my work , it is from 7 to 9 P.M Gosh , it is the hanging out time , moreover it is boring really boring , i wish i could attend only the tests but i have to attend .

today the class is about how to set up your screen saver !!!!!!! booooring

i do need a maid now really i do i don`t have time to do houseworks

i would like to thank everybody who did comment on my previous post supporting me and giving me hopes

I love U all :)

i lost 3 kilos :) my account with Calories control ends last Tuesday , i lost 1,5 Kilo with them , from that day i was really thinking what i am going to eat so i was not eating cuz i don`t know what to eat i found myself loosing more 1,5 kilo ?? wanasa :)

my parent arrived yesterday and my mom is going to cook again and i know i am going to eat ;)

mashalah they really had fun there , they were tanned :P

woow i want to go Maldives enshalah , but i guess i have to waite , nabee nyme3 3ahsan nestanes 3laa ra7tnaa

by the way is it normal if u share the expanses of your vacation with your husband , or lazem he pays for everything ???

hmmm cuz in my last 2 vacation he was paying for everything , and we was talking and he asked me to share with him our next vacation hmmm is it normal ?? i feel 3adee , but yamkin fe nas ygooloon lazem ohwaa ydfaa3 kil shay !!


back :) tawnee shfta wa7da bldawaam , mashalah she lost some weight i told her wansa mashalah tha3fana ambeh she hugged me and cried !! ambeeh she said everybody was telling her ya ba6a , o matnaana o basich metn o tgool she is on diet o she was going to quite because of them but my words gave her support ,

plz people if u meet a woman who gained some weight plz plz plz don`t tell her , she know it walh

Tuesday, November 06, 2007


At 10 a.m my mobile ringed

Me : hala

J: ha shloonich

Me: Fine

J: ana bas dag bagoolich shay , wedee t7mleeen

Me: (ha ambeeh mn 9ijah ) walah , shloon chthee gayart rayek ??? <<----- d3laaa

J : bas madree abeech enshalah t7mleen

Me : (shreera) bas 3ad lazem ayeeb khadama

J : aked aked ma3aleena wede ashofich 7amel

Me : enshalah dear :) alaah kareem

Now i started to worry , it`s been more than one year now and there is no sign for any pregnancy , we did all the needed examinations , and everything was fine , but sub7an alllah as i said before he was not ready for it , and i feel that`s why it is not happening , i didn`t care before cus he was not interested , but now i started to think :

yamkin ma a7mel ?????

ambeeh i need mom now 7adee

Saturday, November 03, 2007

mom, dad , and self confident

i` ve just came from the airport wishing mom & dad a nice trip , they r going to Maldives enshalah and i hope they r going to like there :) it is my gift to them for their anniversary , thanks god everything became ok

few weeks ago my parents had i huge fight and i felt bad , i guess u people noticed that from some of my posts , i really hate that , cuz everybody was talking about how r they still in love all these years , cuz they go out alot and travel together and everybody is saying about them , r u still an honeymoon !! some people never say mashalah .

i am thinking to go to Maldives maybe on Feb enshalah :) but i have to loose weight first ;)
ok , if u know a person who really hurts you by saying stuff about u , and u have to respect him /her cuz he / she is older than u , how can u deal with that ????

i am so sensitive and i ca`t take it anymore .

i have problem with my nose , i have this feeling from along time that i want to do nose job , but waayed nas r telling me shaklich kilaah rakeb 3laa ba3aath u do not need , sometimes ma yhmnee and i never think about it , but once i heard a comment i feel bad for days

j refused and kind of surgery , but i feel bad :( if those people r not saying anything i will have self confidant

mom , dad i started to miss u already alaah yab3ed 3ankom 3yoon el naas yaraab