Friday, October 26, 2007

The wedding

finally :)

Thanks God Thanks God everybody told me that i looked nice :)

i bought a new dress , it was simple , ya this is my style :) my hair was simple and my make up was simple 2 :)

the wedding was great , the bride tyanin :) mashalah so cute and sweet o zooga :) alaah ytamem 3aleeha i can`t bekive that littile nona is now a bride :)

- awanas shay that kil el7areem elee bl3ayla are telling me that i am strong , cus i opend the door for the girls to get married after me :)

by the way u r not missing anything :P

ra1 <---- mashalah mashalah 3aleeeech

by the way i used the channel self tan , cus my skin is so pale o wooooow en9dmt feeh mo 6abee3ee

wooow i have color 2


Anonymous said...

LoooL allah ytamem 3laich wnastech ;p oo allah ywafegha ;p

Yara said...

I think i saw el me3res wel 3aroos... did they go to movenpick after?

Shaima'a Alkandari said...

wnasa allah ybark lhom wyj3l elafra7 dayma yarb

Ra-1 said...

Thanks sweetie n_n
Try shiesedo self tan 3ajeeb :)

Anonymous said...

wnasah zaain enh kel shy went well

elfal 7g ele mo mtzwj ytzwj :P

Selezya said...

good 2 hear that ,, enshala dom halwanasa wallah ytamem 3lekum kelkum