Monday, October 15, 2007


so :)

Thanks to all of you for your time reading my post and support me .

hmmmm how is Eid ??? my 3eeed is resturants , blogs readaing and commenting and T.V

i don`t know why i am fighting alot , am i a drama Queen ???

he is telling me so

- i want to learn Belly dancing

hmmmmm i am thinking of having kids , i wish 2 , J is not ready !!! he told me he is happy with our life , he just wants me to loose weight , i am struggling with this

last night he called me to watch the "mom show " at the show time , they were talking about the best age to have a baby , they said the best age for a woman to have a baby is at 34 !!!!! shnoooooooooooooo ??? walah ra7 y9eer malee khlig , they r different shfeek their life is not like ours that`s why the 34 is good for them

he was happy he told me not yet o lets wait another year :(

he keeps telling that enee ana still male khlig ooooof

alaah kareeem i will get pregnant on the right time enshalah


Arabian lady said...

7abebti ako 7ikma min Allah :) ..
So just wait o Allah kareem ;) ! ..
wala my Eid is about Family , Resturants , ice cream , sickness , araq 7adi cant sleep :D

Ansam said...

I hope things get better real soon and inshalla you will have babies when you both are ready :-)

My Eid was quiet;
1st day was for the whole family
2nd day was lunch out - Totally Fish YUMMMM
3rd day we went to my aunts farm
today I am going for a breakfast out with my sisters and friends so it should be fun

Tomorrow I am back to work ARGHHHHHHH heehee

By the way... were you able to go out during Eid for lunch?

Eng.Petroleum said...

Hi honey,
My 3id was good as you said restaurants, net and TV
I have watched NO RESERVATION movie I like it.
and about baby's 34 !!!!!!! OH MY GUD
and when they turn to be a teenagers I’ll be an old woman who cant stand them.
I think this is the right time more year is not a problem but not 34 !
Good luck sis. In your life … o hatha killa maktoob so don’t think about it meta ma allah ketab ra7 y9eeer enshallah ^_^

Anonymous said...

enshalah..he'll change his mind bs enty don't push on him

oo ele alah katba by9er :)
oo about my 3ed

walah awl yom was good
thany yom enzfeet
thalth yoom enzfeet
oo elyoom swenh 7adth lol ll7en rgbty oo '6hry thab7ene a7es jsme mtksr mn el6agah

eshda3wa said...

laish testa3ylain 3al shiga, dont get frustrated
enjoy the time u do have wnshallah a baby will come when the time is rite

NewQ8 Bride said...

arabian lady : ee walah kil shaay 7ekmaa mn alaah o alaah kareeem
hehe o el araq all of us r facing the same situation

Ansam : enshalah :) thanks dear

and my Eid i will post about it :)

Eng : thanks 7abeebte o u r right 34 is too old heheheh

free moi : esmelah 3aleech 7abeete @@ kh6aach el sooo o ma tshoofeen shar enshalah

eshd3wa : 7abeebte thanks :)

Organic Kuwait said...

Hi sweetie.. im not about to give u advice but I would like to give u some points to consider:

1. Loosing the extra weight before pregnancy will make u look good during ur pregnancy , pregnancy clothes will look better on u, u will unlikely to have depression if u look this good! Plus loosing weight can help u control ur cravings and eat healthier and get used to healthier eating habits because the baby will be having what ur having, good food builds good babies. And ur emotional state effects the wellbeing of the baby if ur happy he will come to the world the happiest baby… ur happiness is a lot of work, education is the key for happiness, education is so empowering it gives u control of things, its nice to know about uur condition better than anyone and know what to expect and how to deal with some challenges u might face during the next stages of ur life (pregnancy, childbirth, breastfeeding) many women are totally destroyed emotionally and physically (sometimes mentally) for lack of power LACK OF CONTROL LACK OF EDUCATION.. MANY WOMEN GET PREGNANCY BEFORE THEY R READY. Ops sorry for caps.
2. What is the education we r talking about? What will prepare u for a healthy pregnancy? Nutritional education and practice will come handy, to lead a healthy life and have an existing healthy eating habits will make ur pregnancy go smoother, u don’t have this struggle to stop consuming sugar and caffeine and sodas if u already don’t have them in ur diet.
3. Eating healthy and practicing a healthy life style will prevent many of pregnancies discomforts like morning sickness dizziness blood pressure diabetes sciatica and many other things we hear from women everyday, being sick makes u sad, sad mommy= sad baby. We love our kids too much to make them sad don’t we?
4. I meet on a daily basis women who want to get pregnant but don’t know anything about pregnancy, I meet daily women who r pregnant but don’t have the right information on childbirth, I meet every single day women who just gave birth but know absolutely nothing about breastfeeding! They end up with a miserable crying depressed babies. Its heart breaking.
5. Ur husbands support is a must as much as u need to be educated ur husband should have the right education to help u make the right decisions, sometimes when u r weak and vunrable some one should own the power to be able to make the right decisions, he will have an important rule to play when u r craving the wrong foods or feel down or need a back rub, he needs to be part of it it’s the healthy thing to do u r in a relationship he will feel special if he is actually helping out, u r carrying his baby please allow him to care for his baby it’s the most rewarding thing fatherhood starts here.

Taking ur time and build a very tight relationship with ur husband and prepare for the next stages and get the right education pays off at the end.. we all want happy healthy babies. Doesn’t everybody!?