Monday, October 29, 2007

Random Post

i am having some quite dyes , very relaxing , i feel that i need this from time 2 time , to come back from work have lunch rest in my bed to read a book then fall asleep and when i wake up i stay home relaxed 2 , i know that my placee needs a make over but i am not in the mood .

i decided to fast enshalah , to finish my backup days of fasting .

by the way these days i am watching خرج و لم يعد at alwatan TV , God i can`t stop laughing , i love these series

i am so happy that i am back to reading , even my husband is feeling that i am more calm and relaxed when i read .

is it ok if i had "maid " now ??? i feel that i need one ?!?!?

i am not loosing any weight :(

but i don`t care i feel great el7mdelaah


Pearls said...

I need to redesign my place too and throw out my sofas first

Eng.Petroleum said...

hi dear,
Good for you the relaxing and reading

but about the maid I think you can survive with out it
bil 7araka barakah o killah ajer
but bringing maid in this stage of your life will bring a lot of problems

imagine one thing >> al7in etha ebti6li3in you can go any time even if you husband still at home bass ba3dain ta3aly kill ma betro7in mokan yeriha ma3ach or wadiha bait ahalich or ahalah

and about el beat ma ra7 ta5then ra7tich bil libss like now

I don’t know I think after the 1st baby will be a good time

OutOfReach said...

yeah reading is great hmm i need to read i dont know why i cant finish a book that i'm reading ive been busy lately anyway about the maid hmm i know how you feel:S
if you dont want to bring one cause you know she will be staying with you and you two need a privecy you can ask for a maid that works for part time job this will help you alot she can clean and wash iron anything you want in 3 hours and leave it helps :)
have a nice day ;)

esTeKaNa said...

...صباح الخير
ترا اهم شي بالبوست كله
احساسج انتي بالراحة
هذا اهم من كل شي ممكن تفكرين فيه
اقدس القراءة
اعشق لحظات الهدؤ
وعندي قمة القمة انج تكونين راضيه عن نفسج ومرتاحة
فالله يهنيج يارب
ويالله ذدي حيلج بالصيام...النهار قصير جدا والصيام خفيف
عسى ربي يتقبل

NewQ8 Bride said...

pearls : for me i just need some new decoration , thanks for your time :)

eng.petroleum :

thanks alot dear , about the maid i am living with my husband`s family so there is a place for her to stay

outofreach : thanks foe passing by , about reading i been through this , that i can not read but thanks god i am over it now

as i said b4 i am living with my husbands family so there will be aplce for her to stay

estkanaa :

mashkoora waaayed dear :) o enshalah i will do my best on fasting

Selezya said...

that is great :)

but keep losing weight u will feel more comfortable :)

Anonymous said...

About the maid let me tell you my story lol. I have an 11 year old boy and a 2 year old. When I had the first boy, I raised him all by myself, help of the family also but I didnt get a maid..
After I had the second boy I felt i could need one because You can't take care of the kid and cook and clean all the same time. Plus, he got diabetes and needs extra care. So I did, she stayed for 6 monthes with me but I had alot of problems. See i am not strict and she was quite the strong headed I couldn't change what's in her head. Not mention stealing ..
Now she left a week ago, and I am alone, I know one thing: sometimes you feel like Aahhhhhhh and can't do anything but you can manage elhamdilla we have legs and arms lol. BUT, mentally you are way more relaxed without one..