Tuesday, October 16, 2007

oooh back again to work

back again to work after this nice Eid vacation . i feel angry when i came back i found that some girls took day offs , U know why i am angry ???? cuz at the end of Ramdhan they spread this internal memo telling us that we r not allowed to take leaves except at the summer or at the mid course just like teachers and students !!
so i am the good employee, i was respecting the rules and i didn`t ask for any leave , although i was going to bahrain with mom and sis to attend my cousin`s melcha yoom elkhamees enshalh
o kint ra7 adawem bacher o akheth est`than o a6la3 , aroo7 el ma6ar o elkhamees kint ra7 akhetha 3artha

bas lama shft enah el rules 3la nas o nas ma ra7 adawem bacher kefee o ra7 akheth sick leave (ambeeh adree 7raam but really i am PMS ing ) walah shnoo 3laa nas o nas el salfaa

eee enshalah going to Bahrain tomorrow :) wansa i am happy for my cousin she is older than me for one year once she got engaged she called me telling me that an afet7t el baab :) hehehe too late fet7ata heheh but after i got married 5 of my cousins get married after me :)

i am going alone without J :(

ansam asked me where did go ble3eed :

1st day for the family ( moms , dad`s , husband`s family ) but i had dinner with J at the Gaucho Grill i loved it :)

2nd day we went to shaleeh (mina 3abdalah )

3rd day i had lunch at maki with 2 of my friends then choco bar , i had dinner with my bro and j at burger bar

o yesterday i had dinner with friends ba3a maki :)

with all this o i wanna loose weight hehehehe how come

i did something bad 2day to someone i care alot
i don`t know why , i had this bad temper these days o i hated my self
how rude i am :( i am angry on my self


Ansam said...

Dont think of what you did.. because you already did it and cant go back in time.. think of what you can do to make it better. Right? You feel bad because you care and if you didnt care that means inna that person is nothing to you ;-) Your eid holiday was so festive mashalla and so yummy.. alla yetamim 3alaich. Have fun in bahrain and tell us all about it

Yara said...

enty etdawmeen fe shwaikh? safraay ro7ay estansaay khal ewalon :/ Wanasa zain sawaity bil 3eed:) ana nothing bs shalaih and ams re7na chilis..

Derbalich take care and have fun :)

This Lady said...

Khalas what's done is done. If u feel really bad about it, then apologize (if u were wrong).

Have fun at the wedding!

Shoush said...

Mabrook for u cuz. :)

With the bad temper thing, it's just a phase i guess wi3adee soon inshala. Just try to calm urself down before reacting to something thats angering u, maybe that'll help.

Enjoy ur trip!

DanDash said...

goo hav fun they do that after every eid or any hoilday and they dont do any thing what so ever
mabrook o allha yetmm 3ala '7er

Ra-1 said...

Have fun in Bahrain :)

And see you in your other cousin's party next week inshaAllah ;)
Am still looking for a dress :/

Organic Kuwait said...

hi new, please check my comment on the last post dated 15th oct. :)

Eng.Petroleum said...

enjoy your trip dear ..
and dont feel bad just fix it
wish you luck