Tuesday, October 30, 2007

my day

i watched the movie "invasion" , walah it was interesting , when we lift the movie discussing it , i this is nice when i find a new way to communicate and share ideas with J , i told him that when i was young i used to write reviews about movies that i watched ( i know this is weired) heheh also i like movies that made me think

The avenues Cinema mashalah 3ajeeba i liked it .

i lost 2 kilos , i am meshtraka with Calories Control , walah they r great company , i loved their food , their location is in mishref

this is my niece

waaay she is so cute , she is fat and chubby i want eat her waaaaaay

her name is Shaikh but i called her om Khamas


Anonymous said...

oh that kid is soooo cute!!! Mashalla

Ra-1 said...

Where in Mishref?
and you lost 2 kilos in how many days?

Anonymous said...

mbrook 3la el 2 kilos

oo mashalah elbnya ktkoota tynn alah y5leha lkm

Ansam said...

shes adorable
WTG on the two kilos!

Yara said...

Aywaa wanaasaa:) yaraaaabi ykhaliha lekom etyaanin :**

Anonymous said...

akheran!! hello! :) I'm glad that you are losing weight! 3o2bali :/ Can you pass their contact details to me plllllls :*

O mashallah 3ala Sheikha cuuuute

Anonymous said...

mashallah she's so adorable, Allah yekhaleeha.

Where is it? I want to know too!

NewQ8 Bride said...

Thanks all for your comments :)

to everyone who asked me about calories control

it is in "Arth el ma3areth next to Mishref United" contact#5385000

Eng.Petroleum said...

Cute kid mashallah

Congratulation 3al 2 kilo ^_^