Saturday, October 13, 2007

miss Ramdhan

عن أبي هريرة رضي الله عنه أن النبي صلى الله عليه وسلم قال – لما حضر رمضان - : (قد جاءكم شهر مبارك ، افترض الله عليكم صيامه ، تفتح فيه أبواب الجنة ، وتغلق فيه أبواب الجحيم ، وتغل فيه الشياطين ، فيه ليلة خير من ألف شهر ، من حرم خيرها فقد حرم)رواه أحمد والنسائي والبيهقي

this is really true , togal feeh el shay6een , once it`s done , and they set free, they r going to harder to destroy us

what makes me think about that today the second day of 3eed , is what happening to me once they announced that tomorrow is 3eed , we r fighting every night , he did some stuff and i got mad , we fight , i cry , i keep calling him , he is not answering , i scream , shout , he came back yt3wath mn eblees and apologize then we sleep , if its going to happened tonight i will not stand it

i miss ramdhan , its the month of peace


Anonymous said...

Ahh, enshallah things will get better, dont worry..Smile and have a nice EID :)


3eeDiCh iMbaRaK ;*

Yara said...

weey yumma esmelah 3alaikom :( e7na lo eser any fight ma akhalih ye6la3 mn el bait.. ykon angry akhaf eseer feh shay amot 7ara..

Selezya said...

3sa allah yab3ed 3nkom el mashakel o0 el za3al

3edch mbarak o0 kel 3am o0 entay bkhair

Nooni said...

you know what that is weird.. because in ramadan i'm less religious than normal days
i wonder.

inshalla nothing will happen again with your hubbs.

just remember
ازمه و تعدي و ضرب الحبيب زي اكل الزبيب

يمكن اهوا في شي امضايقه و حاطه ابقلبه عشان جذي يزعلج من غير ما يقصد

Eng.Petroleum said...

Don’t worry dear
Always remember
Nothing worth it
Wallah mako shay yeswa tet-haweshon 3alaih o lazim lama wa7id yshid el thany yar5y always remember that.

Arabian lady said...

as my dad always say sometimes these arguements that happen between the man and his wife are the spices of marriage life ;p ..

3indi qa3eda ihi : dosay iblees ayshay ibles ygolich saweh dont do it o 3andeh ;P ..
Love ur blog sister :) keep it up

NewQ8 Bride said...

thanks all walah u r really supporting frinds :)

eshda3wa said...

allah kareem sweety
elnijra lazim et9eer
theng will get better