Saturday, October 06, 2007


laying in my bed , closing my eyes , remembering the feelings , the smell , and the warmth of my bedroom , remembering the time when i stay awake all night alone waiting to the sun to rise then i open my window to inhale fresh air i called it ( reee7at elfayer ) and crying when we r going to get married

woooow what a feeling , this is such a thing that i need from time 2 time getting back to my room , sleeping on my bed and watching the same episodes of sex and the city that i used to watch when i was single imaging the life that i am going to live if i reached my thirties and still single (heheh i told my mom ethaa 9aar 3mree 30 o ma tezawajt ra7 ahajer o a3eesh b new York :P ) hehehe

Jojo bl shaleeh o ana fbeetnaa , i am not going to lie i miss u jojo i know u 2 , by keeping calling me and sms me ;) but i am sorry i miss my room 2 , i miss this feeling so let me enjoy it

i will waite the sun


3baid said...

"if i reached my thirties and still single "

Is it really THAT big of a deal? :/

coquette said...

3baid: for us girls it is :P~
wonder if u know that its me...shallow me lol

Shoush said...

It's ok to miss ur bedroom. In fact, it's perfectly normal. To me, my bedroom is my favorite place in the world. Leaving it behind wud be like leaving a huge part of me, of my privacy and memories and thots etc. Am sure 4 u its nice to be able to be alone in ur room once in a while. I understand that.

NewQ8 Bride said...

3baid : thanks for your time reading ane commenting , it`s not big deal but it is kind of exchange ;) if i am not married i will do so and so they will approve it cuz ra7 akoon kasraa kha6erhom :P hmmmm walah madree shnoo kan ra7 ykoon el wath3 i guess fun really fun heheh

coquette: Lol 7abeebte not shallow heheheh

shoush : ya dear leaving my room was the hardest thing for me , thanks God my husband is so understanding that he let me spend the night there from time 2 time , cuz he knows how i belong to my room

5roofa said...

ana wala 5e6a6i jthe bs jan ma atzawej o te3tefes el 5e6a :p


domz hal ma7aba ya rab

salamz love...

Sara said...

aaaah ya new bride mo hatha ely ana 5ayfa menaa !! a7es eny maby a6laa3 bs 3shan ag3ad bdaary kether ma agdar raa7 oolaaah 3aleeha le re7t beet rayly enshalaa ..

Shakly le ra7 el bar 3ala qolta el mo5ayam .. raa7 anaam fe dary 7bebty a7bhaaa :D

inzain bs ma gelteely b3d ma tshemeen "re7at el fyer" shetsaween??