Tuesday, October 09, 2007

Help , Help , help

Any new resturants to dine first day of 3eed ???????

please help me :)

anything new and romantic


Ansam said...

hi there :-) I think its too late to do that now. Eid is just around the corner and your best choice would be walking in and finding a place without making reservations. However.. you can try and check http://www.ekyp.com/restaurants.php and give them a call.
Good luck :-***

Missy said...

eid is for the family ;p

Sara said...

etha fe majaal ta7jezeen hal yomain o t7a9len mokan ! an9e7ech fe lenotre its the best place fe kel el monasaabt wetha tbeen jarbay el ma63am ely da5el fendeq marina mall tara 7ada latheeth :>

bl 3afya oo have fun

3eedich mbarak :>

NewQ8 Bride said...

ansam : thanks dear enshalah i will find something new

missy : la mabeee khala9 it`s not for the family cuz khla9 they don`t give me 3eedeya :P

Sara : thanks dear o 3eeedich mbaarak :)

Unknown said...

go to fauchon salhiay heard its sooo good but only for desserts and coffee ...
romantic and quite

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Confashion said...

I prefer to stay at home and have dinner with friends and family than being stuck in traffic! :)
I haven't heard of any new restaurant lately..

Selezya said...


n my opinion choose any nice resturant n hotel , its more romantic than out resturant .
book now befor next 2days .
o0 g.luck !
3edch mbarak
o0 allah ykhalekum lba3th enshala :)

NewQ8 Bride said...

Ali : thanks alot but i went there b4 and my husband didn`t like it

Confashion : me walah , b4 we used to order pizza with my cousins and stay at home to watch movies but now i have to go out walah cuz if i didnt he will go to dewaney o bene o beenich i want to teach him that there is time for the family enshalah when we have kids he must be with me :)

selezya : thankd dear :) o 3eedich mbarak