Sunday, October 21, 2007

Back from Bahrain

it is 12:42 a.m and i ve just woke up :( i have to go work tomorrow how am i going to wake up !?!?!?

woooow i am back from Bahrain , it was really great , i had fun and my cousin mashalah 3aleeha kanat tyanin

everything was great , the 7enna day- which i need a hall post to write about it - was the most amazing thing that i`ve been through , something we really miss here in Kuwait , it`s a day of getting back to traditions and they really enjoyed it as we did .

i will make list of what happened (3ayzaana akteb ) :

- being in another country away from my husband made both of us different , we missed each other and i had those feelings of love and passion that i had during my engagement ; i will do it from time 2 time ;)

- i spent the night with mom , actually we didn`t sleep , we stayed all night talking about everything which was something i didn`t do from long long time .

- things happened made me think about my life , and thank God about everything i had in my life .

- something strange happened , the party was outdoor next to the swimming pool , the weather got humid and ................................... My hair didn`t frizz hehehe love u my hair ;)

- on these dyes with the hall family , i noticed who is the good person and who is the 2 faced , too bad .

- i discovered how materialistic we r in kuwait , showing off people

i miss j alot and i am happy now that i am here in Kuwait :)

i would like to thank : ansam , yara , this lady , shoush , dandash , ra1 ( enshalah see u next week at the wedding ;) ) ony , eng.petrleum and everybody who spend sometime reading and commenting :)

- thanks to those who helped to chose what to read , now i wm reading "Shopaholic ; ties the not ) also i received my amazon package :

- "The Zahir " & " Eleven Minutes " by Paulo Coelho ( i can`t Wait to read
- Middlesex by Jeffrey Eugnides

so back again to my life


Shoush said...

7amdila 3al salama!

I think it's necessary for couples to hav times apart in order to leave room for missing each other. Space is important. I don't understand when some women/men say they like spending all their time together, travel together, go out together, everything together. Seriously, no matter how much they both love each other, the idea of it is just so suffocating.

I heard a little about the 7enna day they hav in our neighboring countries. Am really looking 4ward to reading ur post with the details of it all. ;)


aLaaaaaaaaaaH 7ena night, wow that sounds wanssa ;D .. ee we don't hav hal sewalif bil Q8 ;( .. my god el 3ers hni is the most stressful time 7ag il 3aross.. bs il wanasa 7ag el ma3azem !

Eng.Petroleum said...

7imdillah 3ala el salama dear

good that you enjoed yout time

yallah we are waitting for el 7ina party details

o leash som3atna as kuwaiti chethy :-( ???

Yara said...

wanaaaasaa 7amdela 3al salaamaa :))

ashwa estanastay o aham shay J missed you :) eyaaaaanin ketaab el shopaholic :)
o ur welcome 7abebti shda3waa :**

Ansam said...

When I go to a wedding in Dubai.. its also like that.. Arabian Night (AKA henna night) and a wedding. Prior to that they have engagement party and then milcha.

In Kuwait its like that
1. Khe6ba
2. Dibla Part
3. Ta3arof (both families)
4. Milcha
5. Yalwa (sometimes not all)
6. 3irs

Sa7? wila yetarawali?