Monday, October 22, 2007


i promised to talk to everybody about what i saw in Bahrain , about the getting married there , and how lucky the brides there (sorry J ) don`t get mad on me ;P

i arrived on the day of 7enna , my mom was there before i arrived so she picked me from the airport and we were talking about it , she said that they got some traditions that there r still doing here , before 2 dayes of "Malcha " the groom came with 2 big (waneet ) full of stuff , such as rice , sugar , oil , drinks , ( mo3albat ) , shampoo , tide , clorex !!!!!!!!! kil el machlaa !! why ??? cuz 3ndhom enah he is responsible bl3roos till the wedding day @@ wel wanasa that they celebrate that day by singing to her and she must show the hall family what he brought , it was really fun heheheh o strange at the same time

also for the party (the melcha ) party , the groom must pay for everything , and they brought her everything she needs , make up , lingeries , perfumes added to it the shabka and mahar , also he pay for her dress and moreover he is the one who must prepare the wedding woooooooooow

7adhaa merta7aa el 3rooos hehehehehe e7na in kuwait he just bring the dowry o bas @@

i told my sis get married to Bahraini ;)

any way i arrived , the house was mashalah filled with people , bnt khalty was sitting wearing this lovely dara3a dress , and her legs was filled with nice drowing and now the 7eena girl is working on her hands during this everybody was singing and dancing wooow really fun , this ceremony started from 1 P.M , and the 7enna girl left at 3 a.m!!!!!!

waayed wanasa , everything was simple and great , makoo rasmyaaaat , here in kuwait el rasmeyaat thab7tnaaa

walah i wish i could write more bas walah i had headache :( offf wanna sleep


This Lady said...

This is so fun! I love traditional weddings. Its really beautiful to watch how every culture does their weddings.

Ana 7ag milchety abi (yalwa)! bes everyone makes fun of me! I want it I want it I want it!!

I also really want to go to an Indian wedding. Shakla wanasa!!!

Ra-1 said...

I don’t like 7enna :/
But it sounds like fun :)
mako photos ???

Guess what? I found a dress akheeran :p

5roofa said...

loooool wanasaaa
shakly im going to get married in bahrain :p

its great u had fun

salamz sweetee....


ONE WORD "wanasa" ;D
abe atzawaj ba7rainiiii ;P

Anonymous said...

awl shy mbrook for ur cousin

thkrtene b3roos iran they r really fun

NewQ8 Bride said...

this lady : enshalah tsween yalwa :) etha tabeen keefich it is your day :)

ra1 : i don`t like 7enna 2 :) fe photos enshalah i will show it 2 u

o mabrook u found a dress , read my post :(

5roofa : all our girls yaboon ba7rene

glam: ya zooga ma y3awroon el galb

free moi : alaah ybarek feech dear :)
walah marrah shft 3rs from Iran