Sunday, September 02, 2007

waaay a7eb refejatee

2day i had lunch with my co-workers ,. i didn`t expect that i am going to have friends at work , i heard alot about stories and stuff and i did had a bad experience in my previous job but now :) i am with the greatest girls ever , i feel i know them from along long time :) N is a sis not friend, she just arrived from a Euro trip :) she brought me some chocolates , postcards , pajama and handkerchief with my first letter on it :) waaaaay i love it

hmmm i am thinking to give my parents a present for thier anniversary , i am going to give them a vacation in the Maldives islands , i know this is will broke my budget but i want them to be happy they ve been paying for my vacation for 25 years now this is my time , i asked my bros and sis if they wanna share with me hmmmmmm no response except from B <----mashalah he is the richest one hmmm so i am still waiting for them


Ansam said...

Happy Anniversary in advance to your parents :-)

esTeKaNa said...

حبتج العافيه
احس شي مهم جدا ترتاحين مع بنات الدوام ،لانه الدوام ياخذ وقت كبير من يومج وحياتج
الله يتمم عليكم

وااااي حدج زوقه عجبتني الهديه اللي حق امج وابوج
تصدقين احس بتفرحهم وايد
الله يحفظهم ولا يحرمج منهم يارب

Anonymous said...

ooh appy anniversary 7g ur mom 'n dad

alah y5leehm

oo ishalah u bro's 'n sis helps u oo tgdre twdenhm el maldeves

3ad take me haa:P

NewQ8 Bride said...

Ansam 7abeebte mashkoora waayed

Estkana 7abeebte walah entaay el zooga :) i love your blog waaayed waaayed

free moi yalaah ana weyaaach nrooo7 :) girls only

thanks for your time dear