Saturday, September 22, 2007

waaaay i love it

i had this feeling that i need to drink a Pepsi in a bottle , why bottle i don`t know i just want :)

i am facing some family issues that makes me feel a Little bit confused , hmmmmmmm ed3oooleee

i became so weak , i used to be stronger really now my tears are falling for silly stuff i am not like that why this is happening to me

any way let me enjoy me pepsi ;)


5roofa said...

loool good luck sweetee

o alah e3enej 3ala el diet lana ana makla hawa loool

enshala ten7al kel omorej ya rab


salamz sweete...

Yara said...

Good luck enshallah.... o bil 3afya 3al pepsi... 4 years mashrbta

Nooni said...

good luck

look how you are holding the bottle .. you are scared that it would fly away :P

Shoush said...

Maybe ur pregnant. :P

NewQ8 Bride said...

5roofa : 7abeebte thanks :) walah ma agdar 3laa el diet what i am doing is no s7ooor :)

Yara : me 2 dear mn zmaan ma shrbta :) thanks

judy abbot hehehe yaaa shftaay shloooon

shoush : enshalaah :) but i know i am not ;~)

Shoush said...

Inshala soon. :)

Nora-Cassandra said...

I used to do that when living in Kuwait! I got the feeling I need to drink it from the bottle! Now I almost always drink what ever drink that comes in a bottle straight from the bottle! I don’t know why!

About the tears! Most probably they are not really for silly stuff!! If suddenly they are just rolling so easy, it means you have kept a lot inside! You might not even have noticed yourself trying to be strong! You have piled them up and now that you feel bit safer they just come out! It happened to me! You’ll pass as soon as you find the real old deep reason for the tears!