Wednesday, September 26, 2007

this is strange

i know it is Ramadan and i shouldn't gossip ,

but i couldn't stop thinking , today this lady came to the office to meet the dean , and as usual the dean dosen`t like to meet anyone so we try to convince her to go and we will call her back , she refused and decided to Wait

this is not the story , she is a Dr . and she was wearing one of these full glittery "3abaya" (this is another story i will talk about it later ) and negaab any way she was waiting in the waiting hall , she came to us telling us if it is ok to leave her Quran cuz she needs to use the toilet , we (me and "H" ) said ya sure , she said : mashkooreen wayed cuz elbnat ( other offices) refused to keep it !!

leeesh ????? still no idea , o ba3deen those other girls were daynaat (religious) hmmm shloon chthe ??? hehehe we kept looking at the Quran "H" tgool ambeeh akhaaf ynfjer heheh astgfar alaah , r they rude ?? r they careful ??

ooof i want to take 5 days off but how can i ask her (the dean ) ?? this engineer was going to cry cus she didn`t approve on his leave , he wants to travel to his family for an urgent matter , so how can i tell her that i need 5 days for fun ?!?!??!

and ambeeh those gillter Abbaya plz plz if u want to wear Abbya u must wear it in a proper way not to draw attention , or just wear clothes o bas <---madree leesh 3a9bt


Bloggylife said...

These kind of people make you gossip "غصبن عليج"

Abbaya is supposed to dignify a person!!! But what can you say

بالهزمن المتحجبة صارت ملفته أكثر من المو متحجبة

يالله معذوره

True Faith said...

Abaya to some is religious and to others is traditional! And I don't think that no one has the right to tell another how to wear her abaya!

newly_wed said...

girl... sometimes u have to go thru the days in work hoping for the next weekend... dont worry soon enough it will be the long 3eed break.

u know how sofoor girl wears leggens and a short dress and all the jewelary she has in the mall?

same goes with a mit7ajba that has evolutionized the term 7ejab

and it goes on to reach the girl who wears 3abaya, and further the niqab.... women in particular those who are yet to find comfort in more than clothes will keep doing this.. and i must admit that there are a few days a year that such a thing hits me. the rest, im as blunt as a knife.

Anonymous said...

i know! i moved here to kuwait recently from canada and i was sooo surprised the first time i went to the mall, when i saw how all the girls were dressing. maybe its true that for them their hijab and abaya is just tradition, not religion, and i know its not for me to judge anyone, but really, it made me so sad to see how these girls were dressed. sad for them! to me, hijab and abaya are somethg so beautiful, elegant and dignified. and what makes it beautiful is the modesty. not when it is so tight and flashy and with so much makeup! i wish they would see the reality of things..