Tuesday, September 11, 2007

New ..........

J: sh3ndich today ??

newbride : am going to the tailor i need 2 fix my belt

J: khla9 i will take u there u have to be ready at 4 :30 cuz i will take u somewhere ;)

newbride : khla9 ok bas la n6wel

J: wear flats okik

so we r out , i don`t know where we r going , we reached a sign with " Iraq and s3oodya written on it " ha ween btwadeenee el 3raaag ??????

new streets, places i `ve never been there b4 till we reach the place that he wants Jabal Kathma :)

ya3nee not real jabal bas jabal hehehe

ambeeeeeeeeh ambeeeeeeeeeeeh i loved it there it is quite , calm and the weather strange , J started to take some pic , then we were sitting there in silence , i had new feelings , real clarity in my soul i was just sitting there hugging him and thinking about nothing

i can`t describe my feelings waaaaaaaaaaaaaayed waaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaayed ert7t 7seeeet e7naa broooo7naa bldnyaaaaaaaaa

i started thinking about Ramthan o enshalaah alaah ybark lena feeh o y3ooda 3aleena kil sena o about the changes that i am going to do to myself spertually

i really love it

thanks J

u promises me u r going to take there 4 stars watching ;)

this is me and J ;)


Shoush said...

Ya7lailkom. Really nice pic mashala. :)

Yara said...

Allaaaaaah wanasa abi aro7 :) allah ykhalikom 7ag ba3a'6 enshalla

newly_wed said...

now i have to ask u ... who took the picture if u too were alone! wela 7a6eta on self timer :) wallla nice idea bsara7a,,, though i dont me or my husband know where it is ! :D

newly_wed said...

thats me vyyvaa by the way :D

Unknown said...

MashAllah sounds like you had a wonderful time. It was a lovely surprise from J! Mubarak 3alaikom el shahar :)

NewQ8 Bride said...

shoush : thanks dear 3yoonich el 7lwaaa heheh it`s one of the 10000000000000 pic oof i feel bored sometimes hehe

yara : ya walah y have 2 tra wanasa something new i am planning to go again in winter with my hot chocolate and some books , hope it is not za7ma

vaayvaa hehehehe yah it`s self timer heheh t3wadt 3laa hal7arakaa heheh

zahra 7abeebte 3aleena o 3aleeech :)

Ansam said...

alla yehaneekom.. you seem happy and it really is a nice cute picture.. alla yetammim 3alaikom wekhalekom lb3ath :-)

Chicken Soup said...

awwwww 7abeebti 3alaikum bil3afya thats such a cute pic!! :D wmbarak 3alaikum ishahar..

5roofa said...

sooooooooo cuuttttttttttttt

lol alah e5alekom lba3ath yaa raab

a7la shay enej t7es bhal e7sas nothing to think waw loool b3ed el mokan wela jan shelt gashi o re7tla

alah la ya7remkom men ba3ath ya rab


salamz love...

5roofa said...
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Anonymous said...

alah y5leekm 7g b3'6 oo mayfrgkm abd ^ــ^

M said...

First MubroOok 3laaich shahar!

ow 2nd of all, it DOES look like a very calm place. Allah ey5aleekum elba3a'9 :)

Sara said...

Alla y5alekom 7ag ba3a'9 yarab o yab3ed 3ankom el 3ain o yas3edkom :)

golele wain 9ayer hal mokaan? 5anrooo7 lol kel mokan za7ma oo loyaa :/

nice pic sis :)