Sunday, September 09, 2007


i `ve never been there b4 , but yesterday i went there with J and to be honest 7adaa 3ajeeb , they have something called (Cookies `n Cream truffles) shaay mo 6abee3ee , and the price is reasonable . one dozen for only 1,200 K.D , so it`s really cool for zwara or something

they have lots of things to try , i did try the cupcakes , hmmm 3adee Little treats a7laaa waayed

hmm that`s it :) so try it

it`s located in Bneid Al Gar - Mohammad Rfie Marafi St. - Block 1 -Arkan Bullding , Tel. 2526714


Ansam said...

you should try their chocolate popcorn 7adda yummy!

dalooom said...

shaklaa yshaweeeq... do they have home delivery ?