Sunday, September 09, 2007

Caramel / wedding anniversaary in advanced

el yooom i finished my back up days of fasting , enshalah this year i will not delay them that much enshalah , but last year i got married 3 days before ramdhan , so we didn`t hang out for dinner or lunch cuz u know in Ramdhan ma a7eb a6la3

a9laan bas khala9 rmthaan chenee yoo3anaa mn ma63am le ma63aam heheh

el mohem zoojee el 3azeez decided to celebrate our wedding anniversary in advance it is on the 19 the of Sep , ( some people really got confused be4 in my post 1 month ago ) one i write that one month left till my anniversary day

so he said khal n6la3 2day cuz in ramdhan ma ra7 ngdar ;) hehehe also 6aba3an typical Kuwaiti makoo gifts wala roses heheheh but i really had fun 2day re7na maki than caramel than the avenues ( regarding the gift, in Venice he bought me Gucci heels and told me that this is his anniversary gift !!!!

any way , i guess u know Caramel Sweets , i know that its located near Salheya , there new place now is in bneed el gaar next to MBC building , i love their pumpkin cake , i went there to get some , the place looks dull and boring there were some tables so i asked him if its going to be a cafe or something he was confused and metwaheg o gal i don`t know !!!!!!! shnoo ya3nee ?????

el mohem i ate my mini cakes yaaaammeeeeee heheh

by the way does anyone noticed the heat at the avenues ??? or its just me ???


shoosha said...

i went yesterday ooo 5eeeesa!!! 7aar!! il ventilation 2araf... mabroook 3ala ur anniversary btw ;p

Anonymous said...

3oqbaal el-103 sena zawaj

Yara said...

Kil 3am winto bkhaaair :** 7ata ana my anniversary this week o madri shasawi bekon rm'6an :(

Shoush said...

I LOVE caramel's pumkin cake! It's soo delicious!

And mabrook 3al anniversary. :)

Anonymous said...

happy aniversary sweety

oo ahm shy enh u had fun
having each other is the most perfect gift w27laa mn ay hdyaa bldnyaa 7eta gucci heels ::P