Thursday, September 13, 2007

مبارك عليكم الشهر

اول شي مبارك عليكم الشهر

thanks God for reaching Ramadan this year o enshalah we will reach the next one , this is a great bless enah n3ood Ramadan every year

i felt sorry for these young boys who passed away just 2 days b4 Ramadan

alaah y3een ahlhom , last year mom`s cousin passed away he was just 19 one day b4 Ramadan

so we have to thank God that we reached this great forgiveness month

أكثر شي ما احبه الناس اللي تبارك و تعايد ب مسج ليش يعني ما ندق على بعض و نكلم بعض شدعوة هالحياة الجافة

و بس

Khalte om J bl mostashfa so the ftoor today will be boring without the mother of the house

the maid was asking me about hoe to make chicken or something o 7adee tewahaagt

thanks God 7amaay 7adaa y3ref y6bakh mashalah

enshalaha this Ramadan :

i will read Quran and akhtem like every year but this year i will read it with tafeseer enshalaah

i will not listen to songs , and after ramdhan enshalah i could make it

i will not eat that much i want to loose weight enshalah

i will go to gyaam yaraab this year with J

yaraab help me to achieve what i planned 4


Shoush said...

Kil 3am wintay ib 5air sis oo Allah ysahil kilshay inshala and u achieve wat it is u want. :) Oo Allah ytqabal mina ajma3een inshala.

Happy fasting.

3baid said...

Imbarak 3aikom ishahar :)

vyyvaa said...

mbabrak 3alich eshahar 7ebeebti... i want to recommend a way for u to lose weight... sij o walla ma achathib, its happening to me now.. i actually lost 8 kilo !!! get pregnant!

this nausea and vomiting, and no desire for food.... its torture to think of food..

Abdulla Al Ameri said...

kel 3aam wenty eb'7iir