Sunday, September 30, 2007


my Plan (enshalah) after Ramdhan is to read as much as i can

so please any recommendation i need English book , since i graduate it was hard to choose interesting good books , i always buy the wrong books o thanks God i read them all although they were boring

so plz help me :)

Saturday, September 29, 2007

memories from my honeymoon

some memories from my honeymoon we ordered ice cream fundo and .............................



we were really hungry people were staring hehehe how could we ate all they hehehehehe

Thursday, September 27, 2007


i have just noticed that :

قرقيعان و قرقيعان بين قصير و رمضان ؟!؟!؟!؟!؟!؟!؟

طول ما كنت اقرقع كنت اقول بيت قصير و رمضان

even at the media everybody is saying Beet ?????

even the meaning changed

بين قصير يعني بين شهر شعبان اللي كانوا يسمونه قصير و رمضان

heheh new info after 26th year :)

Wednesday, September 26, 2007

this is strange

i know it is Ramadan and i shouldn't gossip ,

but i couldn't stop thinking , today this lady came to the office to meet the dean , and as usual the dean dosen`t like to meet anyone so we try to convince her to go and we will call her back , she refused and decided to Wait

this is not the story , she is a Dr . and she was wearing one of these full glittery "3abaya" (this is another story i will talk about it later ) and negaab any way she was waiting in the waiting hall , she came to us telling us if it is ok to leave her Quran cuz she needs to use the toilet , we (me and "H" ) said ya sure , she said : mashkooreen wayed cuz elbnat ( other offices) refused to keep it !!

leeesh ????? still no idea , o ba3deen those other girls were daynaat (religious) hmmm shloon chthe ??? hehehe we kept looking at the Quran "H" tgool ambeeh akhaaf ynfjer heheh astgfar alaah , r they rude ?? r they careful ??

ooof i want to take 5 days off but how can i ask her (the dean ) ?? this engineer was going to cry cus she didn`t approve on his leave , he wants to travel to his family for an urgent matter , so how can i tell her that i need 5 days for fun ?!?!??!

and ambeeh those gillter Abbaya plz plz if u want to wear Abbya u must wear it in a proper way not to draw attention , or just wear clothes o bas <---madree leesh 3a9bt

Monday, September 24, 2007

waaayed things

this is my diet heehehh

mashalah my cousins r going to get married wa7da in Bahrain enshalah after 3eed so enshalah i will go el thanya here in Kuwait at 25th of Oct so 7adnaa looyah thanks God i bought nice dress on line from e-dress me .com

so ma 3ndee shaay eftkeeeet

so what do u think this place is going to be ???? another cupcake shop ?????????

i guess 9ayraa habba these days in Kuwait!!!!

j Started school today alaah ewafgik enshalaah

Saturday, September 22, 2007

waaaay i love it

i had this feeling that i need to drink a Pepsi in a bottle , why bottle i don`t know i just want :)

i am facing some family issues that makes me feel a Little bit confused , hmmmmmmm ed3oooleee

i became so weak , i used to be stronger really now my tears are falling for silly stuff i am not like that why this is happening to me

any way let me enjoy me pepsi ;)

Wednesday, September 19, 2007

lee meta ???

i can`t , i can`t do it

i can`t go on diet magdaar walah

i don`t know what`s wrong with me bas walah maneen gadraa

Tuesday, September 18, 2007

WoooooW Studio

hehehe or celeberation was there at Wooow Studio

very nice comfortable place , we took photo shots there , we felt that we r models :P

j was comfortable and he was really coool he was posing and doing what the cute photographer is asking him to do

so mashalah she was really professional , and we saw samples from our photos in her pc mashalah they look nice

enshalah tommorow i am going to get them

so i recommend the studio they r friendly , nice and really Professional

it`s located at Tala Complex - Basement Tel :5713369 website

please any idea where i can get unique photo album ???? i want something different cuz i will keep it as my anniversary photo album

Kil 3am o e7na bkheeer dear

Happy Anniversary

for me and U

i guess we r going to take photo shots ;) i will make it a ritual enshalah every year

Thursday, September 13, 2007

مبارك عليكم الشهر

اول شي مبارك عليكم الشهر

thanks God for reaching Ramadan this year o enshalah we will reach the next one , this is a great bless enah n3ood Ramadan every year

i felt sorry for these young boys who passed away just 2 days b4 Ramadan

alaah y3een ahlhom , last year mom`s cousin passed away he was just 19 one day b4 Ramadan

so we have to thank God that we reached this great forgiveness month

أكثر شي ما احبه الناس اللي تبارك و تعايد ب مسج ليش يعني ما ندق على بعض و نكلم بعض شدعوة هالحياة الجافة

و بس

Khalte om J bl mostashfa so the ftoor today will be boring without the mother of the house

the maid was asking me about hoe to make chicken or something o 7adee tewahaagt

thanks God 7amaay 7adaa y3ref y6bakh mashalah

enshalaha this Ramadan :

i will read Quran and akhtem like every year but this year i will read it with tafeseer enshalaah

i will not listen to songs , and after ramdhan enshalah i could make it

i will not eat that much i want to loose weight enshalah

i will go to gyaam yaraab this year with J

yaraab help me to achieve what i planned 4

Tuesday, September 11, 2007

New ..........

J: sh3ndich today ??

newbride : am going to the tailor i need 2 fix my belt

J: khla9 i will take u there u have to be ready at 4 :30 cuz i will take u somewhere ;)

newbride : khla9 ok bas la n6wel

J: wear flats okik

so we r out , i don`t know where we r going , we reached a sign with " Iraq and s3oodya written on it " ha ween btwadeenee el 3raaag ??????

new streets, places i `ve never been there b4 till we reach the place that he wants Jabal Kathma :)

ya3nee not real jabal bas jabal hehehe

ambeeeeeeeeh ambeeeeeeeeeeeh i loved it there it is quite , calm and the weather strange , J started to take some pic , then we were sitting there in silence , i had new feelings , real clarity in my soul i was just sitting there hugging him and thinking about nothing

i can`t describe my feelings waaaaaaaaaaaaaayed waaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaayed ert7t 7seeeet e7naa broooo7naa bldnyaaaaaaaaa

i started thinking about Ramthan o enshalaah alaah ybark lena feeh o y3ooda 3aleena kil sena o about the changes that i am going to do to myself spertually

i really love it

thanks J

u promises me u r going to take there 4 stars watching ;)

this is me and J ;)

Sunday, September 09, 2007

Caramel / wedding anniversaary in advanced

el yooom i finished my back up days of fasting , enshalah this year i will not delay them that much enshalah , but last year i got married 3 days before ramdhan , so we didn`t hang out for dinner or lunch cuz u know in Ramdhan ma a7eb a6la3

a9laan bas khala9 rmthaan chenee yoo3anaa mn ma63am le ma63aam heheh

el mohem zoojee el 3azeez decided to celebrate our wedding anniversary in advance it is on the 19 the of Sep , ( some people really got confused be4 in my post 1 month ago ) one i write that one month left till my anniversary day

so he said khal n6la3 2day cuz in ramdhan ma ra7 ngdar ;) hehehe also 6aba3an typical Kuwaiti makoo gifts wala roses heheheh but i really had fun 2day re7na maki than caramel than the avenues ( regarding the gift, in Venice he bought me Gucci heels and told me that this is his anniversary gift !!!!

any way , i guess u know Caramel Sweets , i know that its located near Salheya , there new place now is in bneed el gaar next to MBC building , i love their pumpkin cake , i went there to get some , the place looks dull and boring there were some tables so i asked him if its going to be a cafe or something he was confused and metwaheg o gal i don`t know !!!!!!! shnoo ya3nee ?????

el mohem i ate my mini cakes yaaaammeeeeee heheh

by the way does anyone noticed the heat at the avenues ??? or its just me ???


i `ve never been there b4 , but yesterday i went there with J and to be honest 7adaa 3ajeeb , they have something called (Cookies `n Cream truffles) shaay mo 6abee3ee , and the price is reasonable . one dozen for only 1,200 K.D , so it`s really cool for zwara or something

they have lots of things to try , i did try the cupcakes , hmmm 3adee Little treats a7laaa waayed

hmm that`s it :) so try it

it`s located in Bneid Al Gar - Mohammad Rfie Marafi St. - Block 1 -Arkan Bullding , Tel. 2526714

Wednesday, September 05, 2007

HI Thursday

my first Thursday working day tomorrow , wooow still i can`t get it heheheh

i din`t know how it is going to be :)

so i love to read my glamour in my BATHROOM hehehehe

i used to read in the bathroom since i was young but with my mom rules no Arabic books or magazines


Tuesday, September 04, 2007

Heeeya Glamour

i received my Glamour wanaaasaaa :) 6ab3aan the post office in kuwait really sucks hehehe but finally i received it

the Biggest issue in 20 years hmmmmmm in my next post i will show u where do i like to read my Glamour ;)

Guess where ?!?!?!?

Sunday, September 02, 2007

waaay a7eb refejatee

2day i had lunch with my co-workers ,. i didn`t expect that i am going to have friends at work , i heard alot about stories and stuff and i did had a bad experience in my previous job but now :) i am with the greatest girls ever , i feel i know them from along long time :) N is a sis not friend, she just arrived from a Euro trip :) she brought me some chocolates , postcards , pajama and handkerchief with my first letter on it :) waaaaay i love it

hmmm i am thinking to give my parents a present for thier anniversary , i am going to give them a vacation in the Maldives islands , i know this is will broke my budget but i want them to be happy they ve been paying for my vacation for 25 years now this is my time , i asked my bros and sis if they wanna share with me hmmmmmm no response except from B <----mashalah he is the richest one hmmm so i am still waiting for them