Thursday, August 02, 2007

Venice again :)

Salam :)
Thank u thank u my friends for missing me :P I really miss u all

But to be honest this vacation was a break for me from everything I usually do in my life , its only 8 days but they was the most beautiful 8 days of my life ,

Going to Venice was one of the stuff that listed in my to do list since I was 12

I `ve been introduced to Venice by a story I read when I was 12, if u know it
المغامرون الخمسة
Those kids who solves crimes with the police J my favourite was takhtakh heheh
Any way I noticed Venice by the time and I listed it in my list

I am happy that I achieve this aim with JOJO , it was amazing very charming and romantic place , my plan was to visit other areas but I couldn’t make it , I felt attached to Venice and I couldn’t stop walking and lost in the streets (as vavvya said lost J

So I will explain everything, with images in my posts so as a beginning we arrived to our hotel “Laguna palace” it was in an area called Mestre, it’s only 10 minutes by bus to Venice, tell u the truth I will not stay there again, it was good hotel but I didn’t like it cuz it was kind of dull, no flowers, no painting, no colors

But it was good according to the price. so as I said we have to walk to the bus station which as only 7 minutes by walk and then get the bus to Venice , for me it was not a problem to walk cuz I lost weight ;)

So maybe u gonna asked why don’t we take a cap or a water taxi!!

I will give a list of the prices of transport to Venice:

Water taxi 200 EUR (one way) ß 7adaa 7adaa galee
Hotels Shuttle 9 EUR per person (one way) ßwe took it once
Bus 1 EUR for each one of us ß akeed we started going by bus J
That’s it for 2day :) I will explain more in my next post J


Ansam said...

3alaikom bel3afia dear
I am glad u had so much fun

Anonymous said...

Sweety ur tagged :) check out my blog