Sunday, August 12, 2007

Tagged by Yara

I ve been tagged by Yara , thanks J

I have to write 8 things about me : so let’s start heheh but I am afraid someone will get annoyed :P

1- I used to be that skinny girl who wear thick glasses shway Ugly Betty , don’t know how to use make up ( not allowed ) till i turned 18 I transformed to a different person .

2- I always imagined stuff , (wayed a7ate o aswee swalef ) and the problem I believe what I imagined and sometimes I cry :P

3- I love Food

4- I can`t live without my friends

5- When I hate someone I can’t love him/her again

6- I feel jealous when mom talks about another girls :P hehe

7- My first love “the beast “ in Beauty and the Beast <-the cartoon
8- Waaaaaaaaaaaaaaaayed ashtaaaaaaaa6 <-that’s me

so i tagged all of ya

Thanks to all of u ;)


Yara said...

Ana b3ad i cant live without my friends and if i hate i cant love/like that person again :)


Aww Cute List, 3eJaBnii The PaRt WHere u BeLieve WaT u iMaGine aNd aCtuLLy Cry aBouT iT LOL ;P

Pink_Mysterious_grl said...

2nd: well, when someone hurts me, i can forgive them once but i will never forgive them if they make the same mistake twice with me. NEVER!!
My motto is: Fool me once, shame on you, fool me twice SHAME ON ME
O my first love was Shaan Makaby mn 7algat Ranzi :) Oo prince Eric mn the little mermaid :)

vyyvaa said...

wayed ashta6... thats me tooo :D