Friday, August 10, 2007

no party without Cupcakes

Last night i went to a dinner gathering , i`ve been invited by mom`s Cousins , yah guess what most of mom`s cousins are in my age and younger heheh that`s funny , to be honest i had lots of fun , mashalaah they`re very nice girls mashalh mashalh i love to hang with them :)

any way after dinner we had the dessert , 6ab3aaan i was happy my favorite desserts Cupcake , mashalh was tasty , she told that she ordered them from a new dessert web site called : , i visited the web site today , mashalah very nice , it`s looks nice o tasty and reasonable price u have to give it a try

so that's it i am going to order but i will Wait for a while heheh i am gaining wight ;P


Anonymous said...

I heard about this site, but the fact that you have to give them 24 hours to deliver is not flexible.. So you either have to order a day before and wish that they will be in you door in 24 hours, but if you order a day before and found today they are bother to deliver in 2 hours!!! Unreliable and I can't risk it ... and you'r right .. we need some cupcakes to make El-Jalsa a7la


aLaaaaaaaH eShaWgo0oN iL pix, am drooling now, ABE CUPCAKES ;( .. Glad u had fun in the gathering, and nice blog, keep it up ;)

Take care ;*

Ra-1 said...

chroma-trauma ...
I ordered in the morning and they sent it 6 pm same day, I will explain everything in my next post inshaAllah :)

NewBride ...
entay elee nice :)
glad u had fun!

Murqab said...

abeee cupcakes :(

Anonymous said...

Ra-1 ..
Thanks for explaining. I will wait for your post, then

Anonymous said...

For those put off by the 24 hr thing, I just placed an order and got a call from them asking me what time do I want it delivered? Since I didn't mind, they told me they will deliver in half an hour. Not yet delivered, so can't rate the dessert.
I think they only say that, just incase they really cannot deliver on the same day, this way they don't disappoint the customer.

Anonymous said...

Hi everyone, first of all I would like to thank you for posting this msg and I am very glad that you liked our cupcakes. About the 24 hours, it is just a maximum delivery period, we have this policy just to make sure that we don't disapoint you (as mentioned by anonymous). Please, if you have any comments I would be glad to take them personally, just e-mail me at

Thanks again and have a good evening.

P.S: Please feel free to share your thoughts about Dessert at: