Sunday, August 19, 2007

new feeling

Today i ve been introduced to anew guest in my life "Migraine" , my hubby was just having his lunch suddenly he went to the room i fallowed him and i saw him sitting on the bed holding his head with hands @@

i was shocked i asked him what `s wrong he couldn't speak , finally he said " 9da3 n9fe " he told me b4 that he used to it , but we`re together for almost one year and this is the first time i saw him in this situation , maybe it was the same when we went to chillies that day .

i was scared , really , rush of feelings came through me , tears blurs in my eyes and it`s hurt , i discovered a new feeling , that i have to take care of my husband , in my hall life my parents were taking care of me , now i am , i don`t know what to do i was talking him asking him to go to the hospital i didn`t realize that i should let him rest alone without any 7anna !!

i can`t imagine something will happened to u , plz J plz J stay for me i love u and i do care about u , don`t get mad on me i was worried about u


Yara said...

Ma yshoof shar :( ee hatha wajbich ena ederen balich 3alaih o mo bedich qa9bin 3anich et7ateen


Oh i hope he feels better soon ;(

I always think about that caring feeling when i gt married, i want my husband to take care of me edali3ni and everything, then atethakar ena marrige is not jst about this, i have to take care of him also and the kids to come.. Hmmm i guess itz all part of growing up isn't it ;/

Chicken Soup said...

7abeeebti mayshoof shar J :(
hope everything is better 7i6eela kamadaat oo panadol walla he'll feel much better :) mako illa il3aafya be good to him oo take care of him oo lat7inneeen hahaha
luv u :*

shoosha said...

omm my friend had it oo u know what made it stop? botox to yabha-tha :S cause it freezes the muscle :S baas ma atwaqa3 he'll want to do that :P ma eshoof shar

Ansam said...

tara there are certain kind of food that triggers migrains such as pizza, nuts, coffee, cheese.. meaning your husband have to expirement with food to know what may triggers it and control it. Check in Yahoo Health

Ansam said...

Read about it here