Saturday, August 25, 2007

i am back 2 u , again

i can still remember our gossiping about during the classes , how all of us were fantasizing about spending a night with U in your mansion , although u were savage , rude , moody and strange i loved U

i felt bad at the end of the semester that we left u

but i am back , i am back to U


i am back reading Wuthering Heights :P by Emily Brontë's

Collage days


5roofa said...

waaaaaay tadreen hal ge9aa 7afathta men kether ma garetaaa

teyaanen men a7la el rewayat 3enddiii

nice post sweetee..


Elaine said...

laa mako 3ala mr.darcy min pride and prejudice! ;p

NewQ8 Bride said...

5roofa :) eee eeee mo 6abee3eeyah tyanin madre shloon fe nas ma y7boonha :) o thanks dear entay elee nice

elaine-ess hala dear :) 3ad mr daecy hatha shay thanee ;) bas he is not mine ana heathcliff o bas :) thanks dear for your time

coquette said...

what year did u graduate? we probably studied together...I graduated 2004 same major,same uni :P

NewQ8 Bride said...

coquette hehe thanks dear i garduated at 2003 :)

hehehe maybe we meet b4 :)