Wednesday, August 15, 2007

Have nice trip enshalah

My parents left Yesterday to India , they r going to visit a n area called Simla , i am so worried cuz i am the one who prepared this trip to them , the tickets , domestic airline , hotels and the resort , so i feel worried madree lesh even though my mom told me shfeech mo awaal marra nsafer heheh but this is me a7ate waayed

i received a msg this morning that they r taking the plane to Simla , i am waiting for theire msg

by the way this area looks great mashalah i watched some images and read about it walah shaklhaa 7lwa for relaxation it`s called "the summer capital for the British " so if any one interested just check about it .


The Editor said...

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Yara said...

Yoslon bil salama enshallah :) Ana nafsech etha ratabt shay 7ag a7ad a7aaati estanesaw? akeeed? shloon? akeeed? :)

NewQ8 Bride said...

hehehe yara i have dreams about it