Wednesday, August 29, 2007

The future

My brother (B) told me that there r signs in the childhood of each one that determine his future and what he is going to be when he grow up , this is happened to him personally when he was just 7 one of his friends wrote his name on a big ship , and now he is a captain on one of the KOCT oil ships, so in these 2 day all what i was doing is recalling the childhood of everybody i know :) hehehe nice way to waste time

i remember my youngest brother (A) when he was just 5 or 6 his favorite movies where ads !! ya dad recorded all ktv ads for him and he was watching the tapes daily , so now he graduated from Mass communication department and he is working in the public relation sector also he designed some ads to different companies . My sis , loved to play teacher with her dolls , and enshalah next year she will be an art teacher

Back 2 me , i was getting back to me hmmmmmm it`s hard cuz there is nothing related to what i am now :S

my mom told me that she was scared cuz i don`t like to play with dolls i don`t like to take the role of a mother when i play om o oboo but she asked a doc and he told her it`s natural , yah i didn`t like dolls and i don`t like to play om o oboo . toys that belongs to house works never get my attention even Barbi ,all girls love Barbi , i bought them just because everybody have Barbies

my games were supermarket , clothe shops , laundry shop , and also i loved to give lectures , ya i was so calm that no one could hear me talking but when i become alone i talked alot , i loved to to do shows and recorded them .

hmmm how is all that related to me now hmmmmmm


eshda3wa said...

vey interesting
bs moo shar6
ya3ne kids go thru many phases
dosent everyone want to be a doctor or a policeman, a captain or flight attendant at one point in their childhood?

coquette said...

I guess being passionate about something which ultimately may end up being your profession, can start early on in your life. Although I did want to become a ballerina, an astronaut, a teacher and write books in fact I wrote my first short story when I was 10 yrs old, and was a bookworm the minute I learned to read English, which was around 8 yrs old. What stuck with me is my love for art and literature which I continue to pursue to this day.


hmm,, intresting .. bs ma3te8id true ;/ .. kids change thier minds ibser3a, oneday they'll play policeman the other Doctor etc.. u know ..

vyyvaa said...

gowa bnaya.. i know u recently celebrated ur anniversary.. i did too. we are both august flowers.. as a recap of my marriage, i think understanding has taken leaps, and u know what they say now,.... dont congratulate newly weds, congratulate them after a year... so congrats girl... u made it thru one tough year. i know its been hard for u to find out about ur husband's headaches... their frequency, i have had similar reaction to my husband's nose bleeding, we've been through heaps of dr's. and we made it much less irritating than it was.. and in sha allah he will be ok soon. i totally feel u when u say u're looking after ur husband, and this strange feeling of wanting to protect ur husband... i guess at that point, ur emotions to him turned motherly... and this is too strong, too painful.. i have this too. u need to remember god alot, and trust that ur man is going to be ok and help him be more caring for him self, never to ignore his body.

sometimes i think u could be me... and jojo could be ot :)

happy first anniversary... and may you always be blessed with beautiful emotions. o 7amdilillah 3ala salamat el ahal.