Sunday, August 12, 2007

Bye bye Vacation

i reached the end of mu vacation , so i decided to spend the hall day out Gazing :P

i went to chillies cuz i wanted to eat Awesome blossom , it`s back in the menu (reference ) unfortunately Jojo had Headache so we took our food to go .

so at night kesart kha6ra ;) heheh i was naughty ya3nee za3lana , so he we went out to the avenues , i thought about trying "Aran Cafe " , when u first watched the decoration and the style u thought it`s home accessories shop

any way it was calm , empty in another word , we ordered Grand Cafe au `lait , cappuccino (Grand) and one slice on cappuccino cake , to be honest the cake was tasty but heavy , i loved my cappuccino better than Starbucks but won`t compete with what i had in Venice the price was average , so overall nice place to relax

i can`t give it a rate cuz i didn`t tried the sandwiches

so sneak out of work and give it a visit ;)


Anonymous said...

do we have to deal with you awful English all the time?

Anonymous said...

not only her awful english but the F*** life she has. its all about JoJo (probably his name is jomanh) and his naive feminine thoughts
psychology speaking she uses the blog as outlet to make her self looks better and reduce the tension of being neglected by everyone including jomanh.

Anonymous said...

I totally agree with the preceding comments. I added this blog to my favorites just to get a raw joke of ppl. who try SO HARD to imitate others.

P.S. Darling, Please live your own life, la et6al3een foog, tet3been.

A female Observer

NewQ8 Bride said...
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Ra-1 said...
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Ra-1 said...

All of u are sick! obviously jealous ;)
I know this girl in person, and she is a nice and sweet girl and she has a wonderful life el7emdella!
At least she writes real things about her, never lies or overreacts in her posts like many pathetic drama queens!
They know themselves very well :)

Chicken Soup said...

well anonymous cowards, why are you so scared to tell us who you are? if you don't like her blog then dont read it, simple as that. the blog is called Life After Marriage - its obviously gonna be about what she does, where she goes, and her husband. Anon #1, "you awful english" isn't exactly amazing either. unless you're chinese. and Anon #2, your crack on her husbands name is so lame LOL stop trying to be funny because its clearly not working.
she's a wonderful person and her posts are personal and original, unlike you other bloggers that steal ideas off eachothers posts.
leave the girl alone :/

7abeeebti the cappucino cake shakla 7adda yummy :) 3alaikum bil 3aaafya oo inshallah today i'll stop by Aran Cafe 3ashanich :P even though i dont like coffee.

coquette said...

I honestly do not know this girl in person, but I still don't think it is right for anyone to make fun of her or anyone else, after all it is her blog. Let her write any way she wants! If it bothers you so much, simply do not read her posts! End of story. No you do not have to deal with her awful English all the time, because you do not have to read her posts all the time.
Note: if I go over all of your comments I can spot more than 4 grammatical or spelling mistakes and I am not an English teacher, and English is not even my first language, nobody is perfect :)

Purgatory said...

Do not pay attention to anonymous comments, keep on doing what you are doing, we enjoy it.

Ansam said...

ignore those anonymous comments
This is your blog and you are free to write whatver you wanna write about ;-)