Monday, August 20, 2007


Last year on the same date gelna khlaaa9 bage shahaaar o we will be together , the last month in our engagement was really strange , i was calm , i was afraid , i was wondering about my life with U

is it the right choice or not , am i going to feel sorry or not , r u going to stop loving me after few months , our love will still the same or it will fade way ????

what i am going to say " i Love U more than ever " yaraab yakhleena 7ag ba3ath o ykhaleek lee o ewafgik


Ra-1 said...

Happy Anniversary :D
Mabrook o inshaAllah always together o mestanseen :)

5roofa said...


enshala ull always bee in love

o littel thing u can do to make him always love u.

ma3any mo metzawja bs garet in a book about love and marrige

never wait for him to make the first move coz men never do

if u do it first he'll do it to
so show ur love and emotions to ur man and he'll show u

T.C sweetee


Pink_Mysterious_grl said...

enshalah u will celebrate your bronze silver o gold anniversary 7boba :)
Oo goly 7g ur little bro i said happy birthday :) mashaalah he is all grown up

Sara said...

HAPPY ANNIVERSERTY :D nafs tareeeeeee5 zawajy bs entay last year wana this year y3ny ams :D

kel 3am wentay 2gather sis :D alla y5alekom lba3a'9 yarab :D

Sara said...

ga9dy wentaw togather yarab :D badleyaaa 6awfeeha hehe

NewQ8 Bride said...

thanks thanks all ma ga9artaw just want to make it clear that there r still one month till my Anniversary so what i am remembering is how this month passed :)

الحب said...

happy anniversary :)

3asa doom in love :)