Wednesday, August 29, 2007

The future

My brother (B) told me that there r signs in the childhood of each one that determine his future and what he is going to be when he grow up , this is happened to him personally when he was just 7 one of his friends wrote his name on a big ship , and now he is a captain on one of the KOCT oil ships, so in these 2 day all what i was doing is recalling the childhood of everybody i know :) hehehe nice way to waste time

i remember my youngest brother (A) when he was just 5 or 6 his favorite movies where ads !! ya dad recorded all ktv ads for him and he was watching the tapes daily , so now he graduated from Mass communication department and he is working in the public relation sector also he designed some ads to different companies . My sis , loved to play teacher with her dolls , and enshalah next year she will be an art teacher

Back 2 me , i was getting back to me hmmmmmm it`s hard cuz there is nothing related to what i am now :S

my mom told me that she was scared cuz i don`t like to play with dolls i don`t like to take the role of a mother when i play om o oboo but she asked a doc and he told her it`s natural , yah i didn`t like dolls and i don`t like to play om o oboo . toys that belongs to house works never get my attention even Barbi ,all girls love Barbi , i bought them just because everybody have Barbies

my games were supermarket , clothe shops , laundry shop , and also i loved to give lectures , ya i was so calm that no one could hear me talking but when i become alone i talked alot , i loved to to do shows and recorded them .

hmmm how is all that related to me now hmmmmmm

Saturday, August 25, 2007

i am back 2 u , again

i can still remember our gossiping about during the classes , how all of us were fantasizing about spending a night with U in your mansion , although u were savage , rude , moody and strange i loved U

i felt bad at the end of the semester that we left u

but i am back , i am back to U


i am back reading Wuthering Heights :P by Emily Brontë's

Collage days

Wednesday, August 22, 2007

They `r Back

mom and Dad are back :)
woooow el7mdelaah 3laa alsama , how funny that feeling that i had when they traveled i always think about them o worried o a7ate is if they r my children hehehe cuz i am the one who did prepare the hall trip for them , mom makes jokes on me heheeh tgoool la ykoon 3abalich awaal marra nsafer tra e7na elee 3almnaach :P
walah nice and funny to feel that u take care of them :) welee akthaar funny , they were calling me asking for my e-mail , even lama we9alaw el q8 bl6ayaraa they called and asked me for my e-mail !! ha leesh mom ??
kil ma a7ad yabee mnhom thir e-mail , ya36oona mine , oh my God heheheh they r spreading my e-mail everywere o officially am their secretary now
yalaah ahaam shay u r back
love u waaaayed H& SH

Monday, August 20, 2007


Last year on the same date gelna khlaaa9 bage shahaaar o we will be together , the last month in our engagement was really strange , i was calm , i was afraid , i was wondering about my life with U

is it the right choice or not , am i going to feel sorry or not , r u going to stop loving me after few months , our love will still the same or it will fade way ????

what i am going to say " i Love U more than ever " yaraab yakhleena 7ag ba3ath o ykhaleek lee o ewafgik

Sunday, August 19, 2007

new feeling

Today i ve been introduced to anew guest in my life "Migraine" , my hubby was just having his lunch suddenly he went to the room i fallowed him and i saw him sitting on the bed holding his head with hands @@

i was shocked i asked him what `s wrong he couldn't speak , finally he said " 9da3 n9fe " he told me b4 that he used to it , but we`re together for almost one year and this is the first time i saw him in this situation , maybe it was the same when we went to chillies that day .

i was scared , really , rush of feelings came through me , tears blurs in my eyes and it`s hurt , i discovered a new feeling , that i have to take care of my husband , in my hall life my parents were taking care of me , now i am , i don`t know what to do i was talking him asking him to go to the hospital i didn`t realize that i should let him rest alone without any 7anna !!

i can`t imagine something will happened to u , plz J plz J stay for me i love u and i do care about u , don`t get mad on me i was worried about u

Saturday, August 18, 2007

my super sweet 16

this M tv show weeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee3

heheh t7er el girl mn style whatever !!! i don`t know why i am watching it

Why ???

i am so sensitive
Why ???
some chit chats from a person who is nothing to me can affect me easily

Thursday, August 16, 2007

MY bro Birthday

Today is "A" s birthday , 7abebe he turned 23 but he still my little cute bro

love him so much , i didn`t give him a gift yet :( i am confused i don`t know what to get for him

so i invited him to nino and we had fun :) enshalaah i will find something

usually we celebrates the birthday in Wed yoom el zwaraa so till next week i will buy him something

the problem i am facing is my sis , i don`t know what`s wrong with her waayed 9ayraa ma t7trem , she isolate her self from us really o waayed daloo3a o she don`t respect anyone , and what i hate that she hurts "A" alot o he so nice that he never fight with her , i keep telling la tasket 3anhaa entaa akbaar lama tethaygik teklam . 7yate he respects all of us

i wish u happy life dear , love u so much

Wednesday, August 15, 2007

Have nice trip enshalah

My parents left Yesterday to India , they r going to visit a n area called Simla , i am so worried cuz i am the one who prepared this trip to them , the tickets , domestic airline , hotels and the resort , so i feel worried madree lesh even though my mom told me shfeech mo awaal marra nsafer heheh but this is me a7ate waayed

i received a msg this morning that they r taking the plane to Simla , i am waiting for theire msg

by the way this area looks great mashalah i watched some images and read about it walah shaklhaa 7lwa for relaxation it`s called "the summer capital for the British " so if any one interested just check about it .

Sunday, August 12, 2007

Tagged by Yara

I ve been tagged by Yara , thanks J

I have to write 8 things about me : so let’s start heheh but I am afraid someone will get annoyed :P

1- I used to be that skinny girl who wear thick glasses shway Ugly Betty , don’t know how to use make up ( not allowed ) till i turned 18 I transformed to a different person .

2- I always imagined stuff , (wayed a7ate o aswee swalef ) and the problem I believe what I imagined and sometimes I cry :P

3- I love Food

4- I can`t live without my friends

5- When I hate someone I can’t love him/her again

6- I feel jealous when mom talks about another girls :P hehe

7- My first love “the beast “ in Beauty and the Beast <-the cartoon
8- Waaaaaaaaaaaaaaaayed ashtaaaaaaaa6 <-that’s me

so i tagged all of ya

Thanks to all of u ;)

Bye bye Vacation

i reached the end of mu vacation , so i decided to spend the hall day out Gazing :P

i went to chillies cuz i wanted to eat Awesome blossom , it`s back in the menu (reference ) unfortunately Jojo had Headache so we took our food to go .

so at night kesart kha6ra ;) heheh i was naughty ya3nee za3lana , so he we went out to the avenues , i thought about trying "Aran Cafe " , when u first watched the decoration and the style u thought it`s home accessories shop

any way it was calm , empty in another word , we ordered Grand Cafe au `lait , cappuccino (Grand) and one slice on cappuccino cake , to be honest the cake was tasty but heavy , i loved my cappuccino better than Starbucks but won`t compete with what i had in Venice the price was average , so overall nice place to relax

i can`t give it a rate cuz i didn`t tried the sandwiches

so sneak out of work and give it a visit ;)

Friday, August 10, 2007


My sis went to Sears 2day , she saw This shirt !!!

i don`t have to comment more !!

no party without Cupcakes

Last night i went to a dinner gathering , i`ve been invited by mom`s Cousins , yah guess what most of mom`s cousins are in my age and younger heheh that`s funny , to be honest i had lots of fun , mashalaah they`re very nice girls mashalh mashalh i love to hang with them :)

any way after dinner we had the dessert , 6ab3aaan i was happy my favorite desserts Cupcake , mashalh was tasty , she told that she ordered them from a new dessert web site called : , i visited the web site today , mashalah very nice , it`s looks nice o tasty and reasonable price u have to give it a try

so that's it i am going to order but i will Wait for a while heheh i am gaining wight ;P

Wednesday, August 08, 2007

Family Gathering / my place

i had a family dinner at my place , i `ve been busy the hall week preparing things , and arranging my place , i always get confused , thanks God my Mom in low took care of the dinner maskeena she prepared everything , i brought some sweets and cakes

so the dinner was down at the reception but the dessert was in my living room , i love mt apartment everybody love their places 9a7 ?? that`s why i hate people who just visite u to comments o make fun ba3ad !! My aunt "mom`s sis" always did that kind of stuff but i didn`t expect her to comment in front of people my husband aunts and cousins , i felt bad walah , i know sometimes i am sensitive o yes el nas athwaag but she shouldn't talk like that , ana lo aroo7 beet a7aad la yamkin a3aleg ta3leegat , kil wa7ed o thoogah , o to be honest her style sucks everybody knows that , i know my style my place is simple and modern it is not sophisticated , hmmmmm yamkin ana gala6 yamkin thoogee mo 7loo but i like it it`s my place ooooof i am crying :(

Thursday, August 02, 2007

Venice again :)

Salam :)
Thank u thank u my friends for missing me :P I really miss u all

But to be honest this vacation was a break for me from everything I usually do in my life , its only 8 days but they was the most beautiful 8 days of my life ,

Going to Venice was one of the stuff that listed in my to do list since I was 12

I `ve been introduced to Venice by a story I read when I was 12, if u know it
المغامرون الخمسة
Those kids who solves crimes with the police J my favourite was takhtakh heheh
Any way I noticed Venice by the time and I listed it in my list

I am happy that I achieve this aim with JOJO , it was amazing very charming and romantic place , my plan was to visit other areas but I couldn’t make it , I felt attached to Venice and I couldn’t stop walking and lost in the streets (as vavvya said lost J

So I will explain everything, with images in my posts so as a beginning we arrived to our hotel “Laguna palace” it was in an area called Mestre, it’s only 10 minutes by bus to Venice, tell u the truth I will not stay there again, it was good hotel but I didn’t like it cuz it was kind of dull, no flowers, no painting, no colors

But it was good according to the price. so as I said we have to walk to the bus station which as only 7 minutes by walk and then get the bus to Venice , for me it was not a problem to walk cuz I lost weight ;)

So maybe u gonna asked why don’t we take a cap or a water taxi!!

I will give a list of the prices of transport to Venice:

Water taxi 200 EUR (one way) ß 7adaa 7adaa galee
Hotels Shuttle 9 EUR per person (one way) ßwe took it once
Bus 1 EUR for each one of us ß akeed we started going by bus J
That’s it for 2day :) I will explain more in my next post J